Winter Solstice 2012

The days have been drawing in and today marks the Winter Solstice in Australia.
The shortest day of the year or the longest night and how you view this depends on your mindset.
For me, it marks the beginning of the return to summer and warmth.
I can certainly appreciate the beauty that the winter season brings with the deciduous trees displaying the amazing structure of branches that may have been hidden by foliage, the patterns that ice makes on the windscreen, the first tentative shoots of the spring bulbs in the garden and so on.

This Solstice also has a New Moon associated with it and putting the two together can create some pretty powerful alchemy.
Two turning points!
The New Moon is associated with bringing in new intentions and new energy, so is an ideal time to be writing your next 90 day goals and reviewing your desires.
Take a moment to feel what it is that your heart really desires. Utilize your senses and see, hear and feel what it looks like, sounds like and feels like to have what you desire or wish for. Note whether it is in alignment with your Higher Self – does it feel congruent?
Really capture the feel of your wish or desire. Phrase it positively and make an affirmation, using words that have health, happiness and a sense of ease in them.
What will stand in your way to achieving this? Are there any blocks?
What do you need to let go of and release with gratitude to allow the new energy in? By releasing any negative traits that you may be holding on to, you create a space for new abundance and prosperity to florish.
Now it’s up to you- as well as the Universe – you need to work towards the wish, make it an achievable goal and understand that this is an energetic intention.
You can give your intention a helping hand to release any energetic blocks in your body, by having a Polarity Therapy Massage or a Reiki treatment.