Is time speeding up or am I slowing down?

Well I’m not sure whether it is or not, but this weekend time will stop for a second as the clocks are adjusted and a second added.

Will we notice it?

Time seems to fly by at present. The time spent writing new course material, updating blogs (not that I have been very diligent on this one!) and keeping track of all the marketing through social media, it seems to me that time is at a premium.

Measured by the ticking of the clock, which some clients assure me they can hear on their hypnosis recordings, time is constant. It is what we do in that moment.

What distractions can keep us from finishing a task that is less enjoyable?

As one who is easily distracted by bright, shiny things and loves to wander down the path of endless learning, I am very clever at putting off the unpleasant or boring tasks. Setting out simple and achievable goals for the day and creating a routine is important. Yet, even in that split second that I paused after the last full stop, my eye caught on an uncapped pen which needed to be tidied up before finishing for the weekend.  Sometimes I reflect in wonder at the Diplomas on the wall, knowing that there were many distractions along the way.

So imagine what it would be like to be a time traveller, with the ability to manipulate time, feelings and outcomes.

Just take a moment to slip into the past to sort out the things that didn’t go as well as you expected or zip into the future to playfully fine-tune those outcomes and become extraordinarily successful, how would that be? Imagine how annoyed those who continually stare back at the past will be. Do you feel sorry for their continued aches and pains as their body inexorably trudges forward in time?

Is time travel really possible?

Well, the answer could be yes or no, as people are frequently moving their issues through time just by their use of language. The energy of what we say changes with the way we use tense to indicate where the issue is. We can move our issues through space and time in this way, and we can move our issues energetically to other people by generalizing or sharing your story or pain.

Typically a conversation that moves an issue to another person would go like this “ I have a horrendous meeting today – you know what it’s like when your stomach gets wobbly and you start to feel nauseous….” When you hear the words “….you know what it’s like….” There has been an energetic shift.

Here is an example of how you can manipulate time into past, present or future:

I have a issue

I did have a issue

I had a issue

I’m going to have a issue

I’m having a issue

I’ve always had issues

I’ll always have issues

I’ll always have had issues

How do you feel as you say each of these? Where are you? In the past, present or future and have you sped up time or slowed it down with the energy?

Now change issue to something pleasant. Like delight, pleasure, bliss, joy, exhilaration.

Notice how different that feels and how your thinking has changed. Notice whether you have used language in the past, present or future. Changing your words, can change your perception of time and outcomes!