Balancing the brain

You will probably favour using one side of the brain more than the other, but let’s take a quick look at how each half performs and you can work out which dominance you are. The left side of the brain is logical and linear whilst the right side governs the emotional and esoteric. Right now you have probably worked out which side you use more naturally. Generally, people who are good with maths and science, will use the left side of the brain as it controls logic and analytical processes. Those who are naturally inclined to the arts or music and use emotional responses or feelings to gain insight are said to be “right-brained”.

If we can learn to use both sides more equally, then we can become more balanced. Imagine being logical and scientific yet spiritual and insightful at the same time.

Meditation is one way of balancing the brain, particularly focused meditation. An ideal way to focus is to find an image that causes your perception to shift.

Let your eyes move over the image and find a spot to focus on. If your eyes move, your perception of the image changes and you may start to notice movement. Different areas will dominate. Keep focusing on the centre of the image and then close your eyes and allow the image to fade away.

You may notice an awareness in your head, if it feels like a headache you have concentrated too hard!

Another method of balancing the brain is to walk a labyrinth. The labyrinth walk allows you to cross the midbrain when the tiny hairs or cilia in your inner ear react as you move first left and then right.

Can’t access a labyrinth?

Then enlarge the picture to the right and make a finger labyrinth and trace around the pathway with your index finger until you reach the centre, pause and return to the exit. You may feel an unusual sensation in the midline of your head if you do this too quickly. It is just the result of your brain being used in a different way from usual.

To gain even more from the exercises above, use alternate nostril breathing to help balance your brain. If you have a cold or blocked sinuses, this exercise is best left until you are able to breathe easily through both nostrils.

Place your hand over your face so that you can block off a nostril with your thumb and the other nostril with your little finger. The palm of your hand will be toward you. Rest your index & middle fingers in the centre of your forehead.

  1. Close off the left nostril and breathe out through the right
  2. Keep the left nostril closed and breath in through the right
  3. Close off the right nostril and breathe out through the left
  4. Keep the right nostril closed and breath in through the left
  5. Repeat the process until you get into a comfortable and relaxed routine.

As you finish the exercises become aware of how you feel.

Balanced and grounded.