A dear friend is hopefully gently slipping away tonight, having had a battle with that insiduous disease – Parkinsons – and several other traumas on the way.
Strong of will and clear of mind, even after the disease and the drugs had deformed that once impeccably dressed and fit body, she simply has had enough. An infection last week which has travelled to her lungs will be recorded as having contributed to her decline. A few of us were gathered by her bedside in hospital today as she slipped in and out of awareness. She still battles with her will to either stay or go, the pain and anxiety relieved by powerful analgesics. Given the dignity of a quiet room with a window, the bed was turned so she could have the winter sunlight on her face.  Instructions given for no further interventions.
Messages quietly sent to friends alerting them of the situation and still we sat. Bitter sweet moments as we know that death will be a release and hope that it comes gently to her in her sleep.
Returning home and waiting for the inevitable message to come through.  Her best friend stays and will sleep again in the chair next to her bed so that she is not alone.

Oh stormy winds, bring up the clouds
and paint the heavens grey
Lest these fair maids of form divine
should angel wings display
and fly far far away.
Munesade Yoshimune d. 965