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Unseen Energies

Every so often, for as long as I can remember, I will catch a flash of movement out of the corner of my eye.
I turn and look and there is nothing there.
As a young child I was chastised for talking to “imaginary friends” and writing stories at school about fairies and the like.
At one stage, just after arriving in England as a very young child, we lived in a castle that had been converted to apartments and I often woke my parents up in the night as I was standing up in my cot “chatting” to the others in the room!

I’ve always had a sense of something special in nature and I remember walking¬† down a country lane in England as a 5 or 6 year old with one of the Nannies that we had, and telling her that there was a special place ahead. I picked some flowers and shortly after that we discovered a small waterfall or spring at the side of the road with an old carved rock – I can still see it in my mind’s eye – but when I asked my parents about it many years later, they knew nothing of it. Even on a trip back to the area as an adult, I couldn’t find it or anything about it.
I’ve always had a sense of when things are “not quite right” – when traveling and adjusted my plans accordingly – which has kept me safe – especially when traveling alone.
In the last few years, the movements have become more insistent and frequent.
A fellow Hypnotherapist and Reiki Master announced that my guides were wanting my attention!
On one of my outback trips, I had an uneasy feeling about water across a road in a remote area – not sure where, when or how – I put it down to apprehension about a river crossing, especially as we often travel on our own.
We modified the trip and headed for the interior where there were no flowing rivers at the time. I have posted about that trip before……but long story short…. the heavens opened up and the interior became very wet and boggy and after finally making it in to Innaminka, we were there for 4 more days to wait for the roads to dry out!!!

I started taking photos when I was getting these “flashes” – asking permission for them to show me who they were and have started getting an interesting collection of orb photos.
Rationalists and skeptics should have tuned out of this post by now!
Their theory is that it is dust or moisture on the lens, but does not explain to me why the “artifact” moves across the screen in a series of photos taken in quick succession.
For a while, I had thought that I was only able to take photos like this while I was out of the city, but the first photo and the next were taken recently from my back deck.
 This confirms for me, that I am surrounded by the otherwise unseen energies and it brings great comfort to me as I sense that they are benign.