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Oh My!

A New Moon in Pisces, the Autumn Equinox and a total solar eclipse in the Northern Hemisphere……

So many articles are available on the web to read about this, ranging from the scientific explaining about the equinox and the solar eclipse to the metaphysical, which inspires introspection and examination of our psyche.

I’ll leave the science to those more qualified…. and add my commentary to the metaphysical. Although not a trained Astrologer, I have a great interest in the effects of the zodiac on both the psyche and the physical body through my studies of Homeopathy and Polarity Therapy. As someone who works with these energy therapies in combination with Reiki and Hypnotherapy, I am drawn to the nuances of astrological alignments and the older, often unseen energies of the Earth. These are most noticeable to me when I walk the labyrinth or work on improvements at my country retreat.

Taking the opportunity of this great triune of celestial events it was hardly surprising that when I experienced a Quantum Consciousness session with a colleague  that I discovered a common theme or thread running through each level of consciousness including snippets of past lives. The realization that life can be simple if we so choose and when we choose to reveal our soul knowledge to others, we can truly be of service to the earth.  The session brought about greater confidence and the knowledge that I am a conduit to pass on this information.  Knowing that the heritage and lineage of past lives has contributed to my learning and contribution to this lifetime was profound. Connections that can be verified by dates on the family tree and by meeting a person that recognised me from my most recent past life.

Orb on boundary fenceA clear message was sent to set aside time daily to meditate and reconnect with the earth energies as they are showing themselves to me more readily in photos.  It’s the tapping into the ancient understanding and energies of the land that creates a still and peaceful state.

The labyrinth can be used as a metaphor for living a more aware life….. you walk and focus on just one part of the path, yet understand that at the same time you cannot get lost on your journey into the centre and out again. Beginning the walk requires an intention. Each circuit of the labyrinth can represent a different dimension, a different stage of life, evolution or development. Each part of the path changes according to your perspective – at times the path may seem straight and others times, curved. You have to trust in the journey and walk the distance.

The stillness at the centre, the inner peace and to “keep it simple” was the overwhelming message from the session. An overview of past and present lives with stories to tell, lessons learned and a glimpse of a calm and peaceful future awaits if the fluff and dross of the hurley burley of modern life is noted and set aside. The realization that each soul has a purpose that can be manifested through other lifetimes and other physical bodies as we continue to evolve outside the realms of time and space.

Autumn Planting

first of the home grown oaksProbably not the best time of year to start planting, but on advice from a friend that is wise about these matters, I put in the first of the home grown oak trees just after the first Autumn Full Moon.

The soil was just a shade softer than concrete. It’s a heavy clay and as the summer sun has dried out the moisture and the grass has died back and gone crispy and crunchy underfoot, a pick was required to loosen the soil.  After digging just four holes, I was dreaming of a mechanical auger to do the holes for the next 10 or so trees that are waiting to be planted out, until I read the reviews on several sites and forums.

The first of the composted toilet bins has gone beyond 12 months of “cooking” in the sun, so once a deepish hole (around 500mm) was dug,  half a bucket was tipped into each oak tree hole and mixed with the soil to help with drainage and feed the trees. Surprisingly, there was very little odour, so I assume that the composting has been successful.

the first of the pomegranate treesStakes and tree guards were put around the two Oak trees and the two Pomegranate trees that were planted and watered in well. Another acorn was planted directly into the ground next to the passionfruit vine which on this visit was looking decidedly unwell. I had planned to move it to a less sunny spot as “full sun” up here is equivalent to baking and crisping!

Having discovered that a reasonably liberal sprinkling of gypsum throughout the labyrinth has made the soil there a little easier to dig, I will take up a couple of bags on the next visit to apply before putting in the next trees and see if it works it magic again.

The driveway has a collection or avenue of native trees such as wattles, eucalyptus and pinwheel hakeas as one heads up from the roadway towards the cottage and shed. Most of the property was pasture at some stage, with a remnant stand of Bull Mallee trees at the high point and some tall eucalyptus trees on the lower slopes, which I usually refer to as the  “wild area”.  One can choose to continue driving along the fence line or turn east along the edge of the “wild area” towards the astronomy dome which sits like a lonely Dalek in the paddock.  It is along this area that I will create (if nature and the wildlife allow) a deciduous avenue of oak trees -perhaps in the future they will become the backdrop to a garden of a house yet to be dreamed of, let alone built. Planning the future plantings and ensuring a good water supply for the cottage, the labyrinth and the trees changes as the land reveals itself takes time and careful consideration.

Orbs like the oak tree plantingEach trip has different highlights. Often it is to note the changes of season, or to walk the labyrinth or to roam the property and catch the energy of the land. Nights are interesting, even though I have vivid dreams in the city, the dreams here are lucid and have characters who seem to have stepped out of a time long gone. Another friend who is a gifted psychic, has suggested I’m picking up on the energy of the goldrush days and the colourful characters that roamed this area back then.  Whatever it is, I’m quite happy to go with the flow and enjoy the peaceful environment and work on restoring the land gradually and along permaculture principles.

Building the labyrinth

This is the fourth labyrinth I’ve constructed – each one has been constructed a little differently, but all have been started using the Easter energies.
I wasn’t going to get too carried away with string lines or marking paint, so it was started by laying the rake down on the ground and digging a shallow trench along side and a little past it, until the central cross was formed. 
I started fairly early in the morning (of Good Friday) and the outline progressed reasonably well as the soil was still a little soft from recent heavy rains. 
Stopping every so often to observe the traffic passing by, presumably others on their way to camping in the local state Forest, gave me some rest time. As I continued digging the outline, it became obvious that it was going to be a little larger than the previous efforts and I did consider stopping at 5 rings…but then I thought “Why play small? There’s a whole 40 acres to play in!!” 
It’s a 7 ring left handed labryinth….. Left sided entry as that is the feminine side .. and to the East is a small circle of trees, where I plan to put some seating so that people can reflect on their experience.
Being a little larger than I expected, a couple of young gum trees were on the path & I haven’t the heart to cut them down. I will prune the lower branches so they don’t intrude too much as people walk past. I was hoping to finish the outline in one day, but the heavens opened up and I dashed for shelter in the cottage. Shortly afterwards, visitors arrived and with plans to go into Rushworth to see the Easter Parade on Saturday, it would have to wait. 
In the end, I had to wait until Monday, as when I had a little time to myself on the Sunday, the dogs were intrigued by the digging activity and were more of a hindrance than a help. The south eastern side was a little difficult to dig as I struck gravel and I had some time out to chat to the neighbour and her daughter as they came to the boundary fence with their dogs, curious about what I was doing.
With more visitors arriving sometime over the following Anzac Day weekend, I took some more lavender up to plant in the soil turned over by the outline. Work also started in raking up the remnants of slashed scrub off the pathway and removing a fine layer of topsoil in order to level the pathway out. I started in the centre, but decided to work where the whim took me… Having counted out the steps from the start to the centre the previous week, I knew I was in for a big job. 
Using the pedometer on the smart phone, there are 514 steps from entry to exit. I calculated that I would have put the shovel into the ground over 2500 times to mark the outline!

The lavender seemed to have survived transplanting and the kangaroos, so I gave it a drink of water and hope that it continues to thrive.

The visitors arrived Friday and we spent time catching up on the news of their exploits and travels over the last 2 years.

Saturday was another fine day and whilst the men rode their motorbikes over to Maldon to meet up with old friends attending the All British Rally, I headed into Rushworth to pick up some bread and milk. Couldn’t resist stopping at the local plant nursery and checking out their plants. 2 punnets of sage caught my eye and I was given both for the price of one as they looked a little sad. Back at the block, they were removed from their pots and the pot bound roots meant that they could be cut into 2 …. now I had 4 plants!
On waking Sunday morning, I was able to see a large family of kangaroos feasting on the grass in the paddock.
I did wonder if their taste ran to either lavender or sage, but on getting to the labyrinth to do a sunrise walk, found all plants intact.
Setting the intent to allow answers to a problem that I couldn’t seem to resolve, I began my walk.
I got to the centre and spent some time there in contemplation… it didn’t seem like the answer would come, so I began my walk out, thinking to just enjoy the moment.
A wagtail caught my eye as it danced around the surrounding bushes.  
Wagtail meaning …Extroversion. Cheerfulness and gregariousness. Anger and irritability. Friendliness. Curiosity. Socializing. Appealing to others. Effectively maintaining your space and home.

 As I made my exit from the labyrinth, I realized that the answers had come… so I began my return to the cottage and thoughts of breakfast… when I turned and decided to take a photo of the labyrinth. There seemed to be something that caught my eye, but gone when I focused….Returning to the cottage, a flash of red, then 2 more…. red capped robins were in the trees at the front of the cottage.
Red-Capped Robin meaning …The best and brightest, wariness, setting boundaries with other people, inflexibility, faring better in more open environments, preferring to stay away from the hustle and bustle, needing quieter spaces, staying grounded.
Only when I was uploading the photos did I find that I had some orbs in the photo. 

Interesting energies

Recently, I was fortunate to spend some time alone at the block… more of a spiritual retreat than “doing stuff”. With the 2nd New Moon in March creating some interesting energies leading up to the astrological events in April, I did a lot of Reiki and meditation.
Vivid dreams, as always, while I am up there and after discussion with a friend who is a gifted psychic and medium…. a tapping into the past……. remembering that the area was very busy in the 1800’s during the Gold Rush.
The weather dictates when the physical chores are scheduled. Too hot (& with the bushfire risk) and we will stay home and likewise with a recent week of rain forecast for the area, it seemed prudent to stay home and out of the mud!

This trip was very much a “might have a day trip or might stay overnight” ….. & ended up an overnight stay.
Time to clear the front fence of fallen trees and prop up the aged and rotting wooden posts in some semblence of order.
Michael manned the chainsaw and I stacked wood as we drove along the front fenceline.
Lots of wood for the wood heater yet to be bought!
There had been a lot more rain than we thought and both dams were full to capacity and had been flowing down to the neighbour’s across the road as well.
Both dams had a chorus of bullfrogs and some other frogs as well …. always a sign of a healthy dam, except that frogs often mean snakes….which we didn’t see!
We did throw in the yabby net and caught 2 large yabbies, which were put in a bucket overnight to purge themselves of the mud…..
and in the morning  there was one……
overnight there had been some ferocious yabby wars and the victor had completely severed the claw off its companion and had started feasting on it.
The bucket was taken back to the dam and the remaining yabby returned to it’s habitat for another day …until we work out how to catch and purge multiple yabbies without them killing each other before they get to our cooking pot!
The net was brought in and four more large yabbies were released and returned to the water.

Those who know me, will be aware of my interest in orbs.
I’m slowly building up a collection of photos as they reveal themselves to me.
Occasionally I catch a glimpse of “something” without the camera, but down at the bottom dam a series of photos managed to capture a few images, whilst the following photos taken immediately afterwards, show nothing.
 To me, these images are special – a confirmation that the spiritual energy of the land is happy. I feel very comfortable in this place and was further delighted when, on my wanders to find the most suitable spot to build the labyrinth, a large hare jumped out of the bushes!

Unseen Energies

Every so often, for as long as I can remember, I will catch a flash of movement out of the corner of my eye.
I turn and look and there is nothing there.
As a young child I was chastised for talking to “imaginary friends” and writing stories at school about fairies and the like.
At one stage, just after arriving in England as a very young child, we lived in a castle that had been converted to apartments and I often woke my parents up in the night as I was standing up in my cot “chatting” to the others in the room!

I’ve always had a sense of something special in nature and I remember walking  down a country lane in England as a 5 or 6 year old with one of the Nannies that we had, and telling her that there was a special place ahead. I picked some flowers and shortly after that we discovered a small waterfall or spring at the side of the road with an old carved rock – I can still see it in my mind’s eye – but when I asked my parents about it many years later, they knew nothing of it. Even on a trip back to the area as an adult, I couldn’t find it or anything about it.
I’ve always had a sense of when things are “not quite right” – when traveling and adjusted my plans accordingly – which has kept me safe – especially when traveling alone.
In the last few years, the movements have become more insistent and frequent.
A fellow Hypnotherapist and Reiki Master announced that my guides were wanting my attention!
On one of my outback trips, I had an uneasy feeling about water across a road in a remote area – not sure where, when or how – I put it down to apprehension about a river crossing, especially as we often travel on our own.
We modified the trip and headed for the interior where there were no flowing rivers at the time. I have posted about that trip before……but long story short…. the heavens opened up and the interior became very wet and boggy and after finally making it in to Innaminka, we were there for 4 more days to wait for the roads to dry out!!!

I started taking photos when I was getting these “flashes” – asking permission for them to show me who they were and have started getting an interesting collection of orb photos.
Rationalists and skeptics should have tuned out of this post by now!
Their theory is that it is dust or moisture on the lens, but does not explain to me why the “artifact” moves across the screen in a series of photos taken in quick succession.
For a while, I had thought that I was only able to take photos like this while I was out of the city, but the first photo and the next were taken recently from my back deck.
 This confirms for me, that I am surrounded by the otherwise unseen energies and it brings great comfort to me as I sense that they are benign.