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Oh My!

A New Moon in Pisces, the Autumn Equinox and a total solar eclipse in the Northern Hemisphere……

So many articles are available on the web to read about this, ranging from the scientific explaining about the equinox and the solar eclipse to the metaphysical, which inspires introspection and examination of our psyche.

I’ll leave the science to those more qualified…. and add my commentary to the metaphysical. Although not a trained Astrologer, I have a great interest in the effects of the zodiac on both the psyche and the physical body through my studies of Homeopathy and Polarity Therapy. As someone who works with these energy therapies in combination with Reiki and Hypnotherapy, I am drawn to the nuances of astrological alignments and the older, often unseen energies of the Earth. These are most noticeable to me when I walk the labyrinth or work on improvements at my country retreat.

Taking the opportunity of this great triune of celestial events it was hardly surprising that when I experienced a Quantum Consciousness session with a colleague  that I discovered a common theme or thread running through each level of consciousness including snippets of past lives. The realization that life can be simple if we so choose and when we choose to reveal our soul knowledge to others, we can truly be of service to the earth.  The session brought about greater confidence and the knowledge that I am a conduit to pass on this information.  Knowing that the heritage and lineage of past lives has contributed to my learning and contribution to this lifetime was profound. Connections that can be verified by dates on the family tree and by meeting a person that recognised me from my most recent past life.

Orb on boundary fenceA clear message was sent to set aside time daily to meditate and reconnect with the earth energies as they are showing themselves to me more readily in photos.  It’s the tapping into the ancient understanding and energies of the land that creates a still and peaceful state.

The labyrinth can be used as a metaphor for living a more aware life….. you walk and focus on just one part of the path, yet understand that at the same time you cannot get lost on your journey into the centre and out again. Beginning the walk requires an intention. Each circuit of the labyrinth can represent a different dimension, a different stage of life, evolution or development. Each part of the path changes according to your perspective – at times the path may seem straight and others times, curved. You have to trust in the journey and walk the distance.

The stillness at the centre, the inner peace and to “keep it simple” was the overwhelming message from the session. An overview of past and present lives with stories to tell, lessons learned and a glimpse of a calm and peaceful future awaits if the fluff and dross of the hurley burley of modern life is noted and set aside. The realization that each soul has a purpose that can be manifested through other lifetimes and other physical bodies as we continue to evolve outside the realms of time and space.

Belonging to the tribe

Some people have no problem eliminating their “blood” family from their lives, but at what cost long term? 
 Often family members will perceive a slight or may not be privy to the whole story and so an inter-generational rift begins. 
 It may have started over a family event, such as a wedding where a child of separated parents expects more financial support than one parent can offer, or a forgotten present for  a grandchild or even neglecting to invite partners of cousins to milestone celebrations. 
The list could go on and as a therapist I have heard many stories about families. Most of the time it comes back to the perception of the event and no two people will be able to recollect an event the same way.
As the story grows stronger through the telling and re-telling over the years, resentment, anger and other negative emotions form many layers like a brittle veneer over the original event. 
Layer upon layer, passed down like a family heirloom, the toxic effects sending tendrils into all sorts of places – other relationships…….until the negativity spreads to cousins, friends of family and causes discomfort whenever the participants meet.
Looking back, is it possible to take the “righteous goggles” off or even take some time to think about what might have been going on in that other person’s life? 
As a hypnotherapist, I know that it is possible and in a session many years down the track, there may be a time when the client is able to have a conversation that resolves how they feel about the original issue. 
Sure, the other person may not be there, they may be long gone or dust,  but the energy changes and on a different level there is some resolution. 
For many people the ones you call your own may not all be “blood”, but it’s your choices that ensure, for the most time, they are loyal, honest, loving people. Surrounding yourself with like minded people is healthy, but it is also healthy to understand that for true growth, you are able to accept opinions other than your own, accept well meant criticism, accept observations and be able to forgive when someone is a little more opinionated than you prefer.
There is a popular saying  “you can’t choose your family but you can choose your friends”. Again, from a Hypnotherapist’s viewpoint. and one trained in Past Life Regression – this is not so. If you are familiar with the philosophy, the child’s soul will have chosen to incarnate into this family to learn lessons from the dynamics of this current lifetime in order to mature on a soul level. 
There is always a choice, conscious or subconscious, as to who gets to stay as your family.

The wanderer returns home

This is my Dad.
We had our differences when I was growing up and they were pretty full on at times. I left home at 19, but returned annually to catch up with Mum for many years and there was much left unspoken.
Mum died in 1999 and from that year on, Dad travelled over to spend Christmas with my family as my brother went to New Zealand to celebrate the holiday season with his wife’s family.
A bout of bowel cancer slowed him down a little …. and his increasing age, so he decided to sell up his unit in Perth and move to a retirement complex in the outer Melbourne suburbs to be closer to my family.
A difficult decision at 85.
Still a little wary of him, I visited weekly, taking him shopping on a Sunday and we slipped into a routine.
If he needed to go to the doctor, I took him.
The kids liked playing Ludo with him and we shared meals for significant occasions.
Heart attacks, one for him, one for me….
…we muddled along and along the way we became friends… finding that we had similar interests in religion, meditation, reincarnation…..
The kids promised to visit ….and did on occasions, stepping up nobly when we were travelling and taking him out for a special birthday lunch one year.
He turned 90… then 91… it seemed like he was going on forever… then earlier this year, his older brother died, then his sister’s husband. Suddenly he began to talk of the completing this life cycle….he became a little breathless… he fervently completed jumbo crosswords to prove that he wasn’t going senile.. and the chest pains began.
At first I thought it to be a result of greiving for the men he used to know, but the emergency department x-rays showed up what was thought to be pneumonia.
Stubbornly, he insisted he would be alright at home and I assured the doctor I would follow up with the GP.
The tests showed that he had lung cancer.
That was a Thursday. Ever independent, he caught the retirement village bus that afternoon to go and get a haircut and do his shopping.
My brother visited on the Monday, taking some time out from a conference that he was attending, to spend an hour or so with him.
On Tuesday, the pain intensified and an ambulance was called. He spent the afternoon in Emergency and was sent home that evening as he said he didn’t want any intervention.
By the Friday evening of that same week he had been admitted to a hospice for pain management as he was finding it difficult to move from the bed to the bathroom. Still independent, he fell from his bed as he tried to get to the bathroom…
A few days of care and the pain intensified… he hovered between here and the nether worlds….aware of what was happening and telling me about the experience…and on the sixth morning he slipped over to the other side and died peacefully in his sleep……

Reaching out to the past

I continue to be surprised at what happens during a Past Life Regression.
Each time prior to a session, I begin to have niggling doubts.
Is it real?
Am I just making it up?
What will happen?
 I am lucky to be associated with a group of people who train Hypnotherapists to lead clients through Past Life Regressions.
In fact, I did the training myself.
I have had a couple out of curiosity and a couple as part of someone else’s training requirements.

The first Past Life Regression I had took me back to a scene in World War 2. It was a very powerful session and I came away thinking that I must have made it up. Several weeks later I met an elderly woman who waved at me and came up and hugged me – she had a sense we knew each other. I was on a school excursion at the time, so I made a time to go back and see her.

What transpired was amazing.

She brought up the subject of Past Lives and I enquired why? The conversation turned to my experience and I told her the name of the person I was in my past. She beckoned for me to come with her to the bookshop – her book was there and the details we had just talked about in it………… We both had tears and hugs and I left her with the card of the hypnotherapist I had seen, if she ever wanted to get a copy of the session. When I discussed the session with my father as he is a returned Allied soldier, and showed him the book, he went quiet. He was part of the Allied forces that liberated a small hospital on the border of Belgium, where a number of young women and girls were being held, including the woman who wrote the book.

Another Past Life session that was notable, was as a result of a specific issue I was having regarding a mentor suggesting some training. As she discussed a process of the training, I had an immediate gut reaction and said “No”.
It was crystal clear that I would not go down that path.
Every cell in my body was rebelling against doing this training. I couldn’t fathom out why and decided that there must be a subconscious block.
My mentor suggested that it was due to my “money issues”.
The hypnotherapy session went almost immediately into a past life. My throat constricted and I began feeling as if I was choking.
The Hypnotherapist regressed me further back to the time leading up to these events and I found myself in a narrow tunnel that had been built as an escape route from an old European castle.
I was fleeing with my mentor, who was at that time also a trusted companion. As we opened the escape door and emerged into a small clearing in the woods, soldiers fell upon us and bound us. I was seated on a horse with a rope around my neck ………… friend had betrayed me and we were hung.
Researching the dates that came up was interesting, as were the characters. Around the same time, I had been in contact with a distant cousin in Canada in regards to our shared Scottish heritage.
He had been fortunate in discovering a matrilineal record and it was interesting to find that the officer who was in charge of the group in my past life regression was recorded as marrying one of the women in my family tree. She met a violent end as did his previous wives.

Very recently I had another Past Life regression and another family connection. It didn’t take long and there I was back in the Scottish Highlands. Walking down a narrow track to help out a young woman, who in this lifetime, is my own daughter. The date was very specific,  as was the area, and combined with a Google search about the events around the date and the details on my family tree, there was another connection.
I don’t recall that I knew that the ancestral home was in Aberdeenshire, but there it was……

The leaving of this life was peaceful….. like a fog gently rolling in and the soft grey just gathering up an old woman who had fulfilled her life purpose in that lifetime………

Insights are still forming and a task in the next few weeks will be to listen again and transcribe the recordings.
In this way, I will look for themes and understanding of how the past has shaped the present and future………