Easter holidays

Don’t you just love it when you think you have written something awesome and hit the wrong button and it disappears into the ether? Lesson in humility and backing up your work!

Home is a hive of industry today after months of just getting by. Amazing what having down time and a “healing crisis” does to your perception of what is OK. Perhaps it was the Easter/Equinox energy that spurred me from inaction to action. Mind you, it’s not just me being active, I have the luxury of having 2 ladies to clean the house and the carpets are being steam cleaned too. I am sorting out wardrobes and culling the clothes that haven’t been worn for a long time, finding dresses & suits from the 1980’s still in my collection. Practically antique! Time to move on…

Easter week was challenging in many ways. Old friendships revisited, a bit of travel and some chocolate! We made the annual trip to Redcastle and enjoyed Pete’s hospitality. The block has taken on a green tinge and one of the billabongs has a little water in it and there is a small puddle in the creek on the boundary. We discovered that the bees in the “bee tree” were no more. Although allergic to bee stings, they have never bothered me, but have made their presence felt by stinging others over the years. One labyrinth has started to go green, which was the intention when I built up the dirt walls, so no excavation this year and it was left to see what else would eventuate. Right in the centre was a small purple flower, and no, it wasn’t Salvation Jane or Patterson’s curse. I walked the labyrinths at sunrise, taking video and will find a way to post them here at some stage.

This year we explored the surrounding district and ventured into the Heathcote – Greytown National Park. We caught the Easter Parade at Rushworth on Saturday, which was lots of fun and I explored the crystal shop in the main street. A leisurely lunch and then off to see Whroo and surrounding forest. Returning to the block, we lit the camp fire in preparation for a roast dinner done in the camp oven, which we shared with friends. A large stump was put on the fire and we had a great time sitting and discussing life in general. A moonlight walk to the junction and back finished off a relaxing evening.
An exchange of chocolate on Sunday morning and then more exploration, this time heading off to Greytown and surrounds.