Polarity Therapy

What is Cerebro Spinal Fluid?
Cerebro Spinal fluid is found in the ventricles of the brain and is propelled in a rhythmical way throughout the body. It bathes the brain and the spinal cord. This fluid contains prana or life breath, which flows to the tissues and cells throughout the body. It has its own rhythm, but at rest may synchronize with the pulmonary rhythm.
Dr Stone formulated the theory that it is the CSF that brings the energy of though, emotion and soul down from the brain into the cells of the physical body. Science today is just catching up with the concept of cellular memories.
He wrote in Book 3

” The cerebrospinal fluid seems to act as a storage field and a conveyor for the ultrasonic and the light energies. It bathes the spinal cord and is a reservoir for these finer essences, conducted by this fluidic media through all the fine nerve fibres as the first airy mind and life principle in the human body. Through this neuter essence, mind functions in and through matter as the light of intelligence. That is why it is the ruler of this fine energy in the fields of function. Mind energy is a reality, as much as and even more potent than atomic energy. A mental block is often a very serious matter.”

The CSF flows according to water principles. When this is moved in a gentle and non invasive manner, then tension can be alleviated more rapidly and effectively than spinal adjustments.
Once the tension is released from the tissues, then the energy can freely flow throughout the body. Bad postural habits can inhibit this flow of energy, as can lesions in the organs or joints.
Dr Stone found that the CSF was a pranic flow or electromagnetic current which circulated from the head to the feet and returned to circulate from head to hands. By gentle application of touch, such as imperceptibly rocking the cranial bones or along the vertebral column, the CSF could be balanced from head to toe.