Finally, I have got around to having a website.

Autumn is upon us and after some ferocious winds and lots of Mallee dust deposited in the city, the rain was very welcome.
With autumn and the changeable weather, many are suffering from seasonal colds. The symptoms can be alleviated in several ways.

  • keep up your fluids
  • First Stage of illness tissue salts taken at the start of a scratchy throat work wonders.
  • If you are prone to colds with the change of season, consult a Homeopath for an appropriate remedy.
  • If the cold develops, and the sinuses become congested the following Polarity exercise is very helpful.
Scissors Kick
(from Energy Exercises by John Chitty)

Lie face down with the head resting comfortably on crossed arms. Lift the feet, bending the legs at the knee. Swing the feet rhythmically outward and inward, alternating which foot crosses in front. Do this for 5 to 10 minutes and roll over onto the back to rest.

Caution: those with lower back pain – press the pubic bone towards the floor. Knee problems – flex the feet and restrict the out kick.

Of course- if symptoms persist or get worse, consult your Medical Practitioner.