Revisiting old books

With several bookshelves full to capacity, it makes sense as we start the winter months to spend some time revisiting old books. When I mention old books, yes – some are very old and were printed in the 1800’s, others are from the 20th century and just a few are from this century. There is an eclectic mixture of classics, novels, poetry, self help and spiritual books interspersed with textbooks that cover Asian history and religions, homeopathy and teaching texts. Just a few remain unread, waiting for the right time to deliver the information within.

Revisiting old books today, I was looking for some inspiration for a workshop and I rediscovered M.Scott Peck’s  The Road Less Traveled.  I often open a book to a random spot and find inspiration from that page.

So, for today’s inspiration (which would have been useful for a workshop), I discovered the following quote:

“By far the most common and important way in which we exercise our attention is by listening. We spend an enormous amount of time listening  most of which we waste, because on the whole most of us listen very poorly. “