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I continue to dislike fluorescent lighting; in particular the impact of it on children’s learning.
The flickering can cause considerable discomfort in some individuals and it would be interesting to see if some behavioural difficulties in the classroom disappeared if the fluorescent lights were removed. We all know that children are energy barometers and react unconsciously to all sorts of external stimuli.
The mercury used in fluorescent lighting is a powerful neurotoxin and they also emit more UV than incandescent globes which can affect some light sensitive people and protocols should be followed if one of these lamps breaks.
We have some of these energy saver lights, or Compact Fluorescent lamps, in our stairwell and the smell emitting from them is at times unbearable.

Principles for Success

An important principle for success is to know what it is you want to achieve. If you are going to be the master of your own destiny, you must take action to make choices that will lead you to your outcome, rather than sitting back and waiting for life to happen.

Many people live their lives without specific goals or outcomes and very little effort. Life just happens for them. It seems that in life when you are focused on your problems, then that is the most probable outcome.

Conversely, if you know you have a goal or outcome and focus on that goal, then you will improve your chances of success. It may not come immediately, but with persistence and application, you will improve your results.

So what is your intent for today?

What is it that you are aiming to achieve?

Make your intent or goal specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely. Using this proven method of goal setting, you will find that you will achieve your goals more easily. Once you have decided what outcome you want, then take action. You could have a brilliant plan, but it’s no use if you are firmly set behind your computer screen or sprawled on the couch watching TV.

Check in to see if your actions are effective and you are producing the results that you want. If the outcome is not what you want, then be flexible enough to change and do it differently.  Einstein said that “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. “ Be willing to change as often as is necessary to get the results that you want.
Success will come also, when you believe it to be possible.

Create a body language that assists you to achieve. Stand up tall, breathe in and breathe effectively. Pull those shoulders back. Project an aura of success, even when the going gets tough and make an effort to be even more determined in your intention to succeed.  Change really comes from within and the subconscious mind will accept as true that you are living a successful life, the brain secretes endorphins and you feel the excellence!

Change your mind and believe that anything is possible. Re-frame negative thoughts and beliefs into something more sustainable. Your thoughts will affect your emotions and once you are focussed on your successful future, anything is possible!

Polarity Therapy and the Caduceus symbol

The Caduceus symbol is also known as the Staff of Hermes and is the insignia caduceus used by allopathic (or mainstream) physicians.

Dr Stone’s Caduceus symbol shows the wings at the top of the staff as representing
the two sides of the brain
and the central ball as the pineal body.
The staff represents the path taken by the energy which flows from the brain.

It also represents the spinal column and was called the Tree of Life by the ancients.

The two intertwined snakes represent the mind and its duality; with the right side representing the positive side of the body and the fire energy and the left side representing the negative side of the body and a cooling energy.

The spaces between the intertwined currents or snakes are where the oval fields are found and the last open loop found at the base of the staff corresponds with the end of the spinal column.
In the concentrated energy space where the currents actually meet in their crossing over, another energy form, known as the Chakras are found.

Right direction, wrong wall

Is your ladder up against the wall you want it to be? How can you be sure that what is at the top of that ladder is what you expected it to be? Scary thought! Work for 20-30 years, putting aside some of your most secret dreams to climb that ladder and expect to reach out and pick success at the very top, to find that it was an illusion or that whilst the goal remained the same, you had changed on the journey up.

Is your ladder balanced in a way that you won’t topple down? Let’s look at your 6 core needs that will help you keep your ladder balanced and they are conveniently paired to support that balance.

  1. Certainty. Certainty allows you to be in control of your destiny. It gives you comfort, security, safety and is all things familiar. You create empowering routines and are comfortable with yourself. Sounds great if that’s what you really want. Let’s look at the negative side for a moment,  procrastination and self sabotage.
  2. Uncertainty. This is about living life on the wild side, out of your comfort zone.  A bit of variety, the spice of life, adventure and unfamiliarity. Whoo hoo!! A rollercoaster ride…..!!
  3. Significance. Who you are and  how you help others is what defines your significance. The “know it all”, the person who puts others down or the righteous zealot is the negative side to this character trait. Are you a giver or a getter?
  4. Love and Connection. On a balance of probabilities, most people are afraid of love, but are OK with connection. Most of our core needs are met by connection and not love, which means we can go into a relationship & get out if things get too rugged. Whereas if we love, we embrace vulnerability, especially when we totally give of ourselves. We are not being second best here, we let go of control.
  5. Contribution. The first core need of the spirit. Our goal is to make sure our contribution and growth are central to our core, as well as being sustainable, obtainable and empowering. We need to have certainty that we are on the path toward all that we can become.
  6. Growth. This is spiritual and emotional growth. To attain this, we need to be clear about our purpose and direction, yet keep a sense of perspective about where we have come from. When we can show appreciation first for ourselves and then to others we can say we have sustainable growth.  Our primary purpose is to love, then to give in order to grow and if we cannot do that there is a void. The name of that void is FEAR.

Any time now…

How much time are you stealing from your dreams? If you log every activity you do for one week, you will be amazed at where your time is going. The number one consumer of your time is sleep, then for most people followed by TV and then for a few others, procrastination. This can look like busy-ness not business and consists of shuffling papers and doing “busy” stuff.
The next time thief is social media. For business, it has been suggested that social media is used to market yourself, but untold hours can be wasted in reading other people’s posts.

Time is our most valuable resource and once used, you cannot make more. Rather than spending hours learning to do something new, it may be more time effective and resourceful to actually to buy a system and get a return from it immediately.
How we spend our time and money is tied up to our values, so an important area for change is to look at where we consistently invest. In our exploration, we may discover that there are some values that we don’t like any more & it’s OK to make changes around these. We may also discover what is effortless for ourselves, like a health and vitality routine or what may be difficult, like setting up a new or more strenuous exercise routine. It takes courage to focus on our strengths and weaknesses to discover the patterns that sustain us. Once we understand our strengths and know that they are sustainable and allow us to live in congruence, then we can move more easily to our goals.


The morning started as any other. Just as I was heading out to go to the gym, an idea for graphics struck me.  A quick trip downstairs to rediscover the Scrabble set and I sat down for a play with the tiles and a camera. About 100 photos later and a flat camera battery, I realized the time and headed out to the clinic.  Some time playing in Photo shop during the lunch break and “presto!” –  a set of images that I can use for blogging, brochures and articles – all royalty free because I took them!

After lunch was a session on Akashic Records, facilitated by Gloria Grace, which was most illuminating. Just at the end of the session the mirror fell off the wall, narrowly missing her but not shattering. All the same, not an experience to repeat with other clients. 2 hooks on the wall tomorrow to support the weight of the mirror.

On the way out, one of the other tenants stopped to chat and booked in for a complementary preview session next week. Conversation turned to discussing the peak hour traffic, and it was surprisingly light for that time of day. I made it back in plenty of time to prepare for a long-standing client who comes to my home clinic.

Imagine my surprise, when clearing the letterbox, to find that the September issue of an accounting magazine has a cover using Scrabble tiles and holders! Lucky me! I have tapped into the collective unconscious and come up with an “original” idea for September!