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At the Crossroads

Are you standing at the mid-life crossroads and wondering about going back to study?

If you know what you want to study, then that’s a start, but if you have been busy with bringing up the family or working to put food on the table, then the choices out there can be overwhelming.

There are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • For what purpose am I doing the study?
  • What will it get me?
  • Is it for pleasure?
  • To extend my mind?
  • To recreate my job into a vocation?
  • What level course do I need/want to do?
  • Can I trust the organization that is providing the course to deliver?

As with most big decisions, research is the key.

Firstly, be clear about your purpose in returning to study.

Next, ask another question.  “What will it give me in the long-term?”

Sometimes a non accredited, industry specific course, recognized by a peak body is worth more than a course from an RTO and will save your wallet thousands of dollars in the long-term.

Not all providers are equal.

It’s pretty much a case of Caveat Emptor – Latin for “Let the buyer beware”.

It is easy to be seduced by the glittering promises of a course that will enable you to earn a dazzling income – only to find out that you continue to spend your hard-earned dollars on upsizing courses as you reach out to grab yet another carrot dangled in front of you.

Research or shopping around can also save you months of study time.

The jobs market is full of job seekers who find that they are “over qualified” for the positions they have applied for. When you are starting out, an introductory course or weekend taster, if it is available is a good way to get a feel for the course content or provider.

Some TAFE courses lead to credit transfer points to Certificates, in turn leading to credits for higher qualifications, which can be handy. Sometimes all you need is a Certificate grade course to get entry into a field that you find fulfilling.

A case in point is a client, whom I shall call Beatrice.

Beatrice enjoys studying and the challenges sometimes presented. She qualified as a teacher after leaving school and in between teaching and raising a family of 3 boys, she managed to complete her Masters Degree in Education and gain more post-graduate qualifications in librarianship as well as a second Masters Degree in Management.
Her marriage fell apart when she was in her mid 50’s and she needed to return to work full-time to support herself. Interview after interview ….”Too qualified”.

After some Crossroads Coaching , she discovered that what she really wanted to do was to something new and exciting, so she signed up for a Certificate IV in Hospitality with plans to run her own boutique tea house.

The course gave her the skills to move into a different, practical area, quite removed from her teaching experience although her existing time management and people skills are valuable assets.

The coaching gave her the clarity to find out what it was she really wanted to do and the courage to move on.

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life


Taking care of your Etheric self

Everyone has energy fields around them, and unfortunately, some people’s energy fields will impinge on you.
This may be unintentional or deliberate.
When working with clients and associates, it is important to set an intent to keep yourself safe and healthy.
Understanding the Energy system and its many layers will enable you to stay balanced.
If the body is balanced, this includes the physical, metabolic, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects, then the Aura or energy field surrounding the body will be strong and in harmony. 
Being “Centred” then is to be aligned in all these areas. If you are scattered or engage in toxic behaviours/habits, then it will be harder to be well defended against other energy fields.
Meridians and Nadis are the emotional and physical pathways that form part of the energy storage system that we all have, and are the conduit that extends between, through and around the Aura and Chakras.  Meridians deal with the physical dysfunctions and the Nadis transmit emotional, psychological and spiritual issues. 
The Chakras are “energy doorways” that go through the Auric Field which has a further 7 layers which are connected through the Chakras. Any dysfunction starts out in the Auric Field and will flow back into the physical body. 
Energetic dirt, which can even be ill will directed at you by someone else, will get trapped in the Auric Field.

The Auric Field 

 The Etheric is the densest and is often a grey/blue bio energy and is associated with the Base Chakra, seen close to the body (about 2-3cm)

The Emotional field will be multi coloured and with each emotion experienced will show up as a
different colour and with its own frequency. It is associated with the 2nd Chakra and your inner feelings and is about 7 -10 cm away from the body.

The Mental field will be seen as a soft  yellow/orange colour, more noticeable in people who do intellectual work and is connected to the Solar Plexus Chakra. It extends some 20cm out from the body.

The Heart field is part of the causal realm, where all information and energy passes through,  connecting the lower and higher vibrational layers. It is multicoloured, depending on the physical, emotional and mental vibrations and extends up to 30cm out from the physical body. It is connected to the Heart Chakra.

The Etheric blueprint is where we can heal and restore the physical body. The Throat Chakra is linked to it and it will appear as a blue, web like structure some 20-60cm around the body.

The Celestial layer is connected to the Third Eye and allows us to access our intuition and link to client thought and feelings. There is no particular colour, but it appears as light 30-90cm out from the physical body.

The final layer is the Ketheric layer which contains our life plan or soul contracts. It will extend to about a metre out from the body and is linked to the Crown Chakra.

The graphic below explains what is called the “Step Down” of energy. 

Under Attack

Cords, Darts and Dirt
Cords are the result of energy exchange between you and another person and will lodge in the Chakras.
Darts are sudden, sharp, stabbing pains and are lodged in the Aura.
Dirt is the yukky energy often felt in crowded places such as shopping centres.

There are specific removal techniques for each of these as well as general energy treatments such as Polarity Therapy and EMF Balancing Technique – both of which I offer as a therapy.

Can be elementals such as pixies, faeries or sprites and generally have a childish, naughty feel to them. More of a nuisance than a threat.
Ghosts are entities that have chosen not to go to the light or have not yet recognised that they are dead and remain earthbound. They are not highly evolved souls.
Walk ins are spirits that are opportunistic and will use a physical body for their own means or entertainment. They can be multi generational or from past lives and generally are looking to bypass re-birth.
Psychic Vampires – These are individuals that will seek out energy from others. They will “cord” you to access your energy. Remaining grounded and balanced will help contain your own energy. Regular cleansing and cord removal will negate their influence. Sonia Choquette has some excellent articles on how to negate their influence and a quick Google search will turn up many more articles.
Well meaning Healers who have not asked your Higher Self for permission to work can also impact on your energy system and is a form of attack. If you are a healer, then ensure that your energy is contained and doesn’t intrude on others. You can set the intent to reject any unsolicited healing – a bit like being on the spiritual Do Not Call register!

Sorting it out

Learn to protect yourself through grounding and cleansing and this should be done regularly.Daily at a minimum, more if you are around different energies.

Use your morning shower to cleanse both your physical and astral body, by imagining the water washing your aura and carrying away any astral dirt. 
Using Sandalwood soap will also help.
Ground daily – more if you are around people with unbalanced energy. This is done to bring energy away from the past, away from the future into the “here and now”.
Create a clear intent to create a strong and healthy energy field. 
Imagine, sense or feel the red of your Base Chakra, then connect strongly with the earth from this Chakra. You can use single or multiple threads, roots, cords – as you wish to connect your energy to that of the Earth.

When done, seal with gold light, as Gold has a higher vibrational level, to keep safe and pour this energy into and over your body so that you can still remain connected with your loved ones. A lovely visualization is to imagine this gold energy flowing over each of your etheric layers. You can use coloured light, such as the violet flame to transmute negative energy or green for healing.
Sealing with white light attracts more attention from the spiritual realm and can result in more dysfunction, such as Chronic Fatigue.

If you go looking for the “things that go bump in the night” , you are more likely to find them. You may have noticed that when you are thinking of buying a new car, then you will see that make and model more often than before, because that is where you have focused your attention.