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Open Heart

BlossomGood, healthy food is necessary to nourish the body and in the same way, good, healthy friendships nourish the heart.

To be “open hearted” is often forgotten in the whirlwind of setting up a business. In the birthing of a business, there can be tremendous creativity, excitement and a sense of hope as one moves towards realizing a dream and one can forget about nurturing your spiritual side.

Not all you the people you meet will be competitors. You may hear negative comments about your idea and yes, these may wound your psyche if you allow it. In this case, you will need to make a decision about whose advice you are going to take – which could be difficult if it is someone close.

When you contemplate and plan your business direction, notice if you feel a spark of passion, a sense of excitement and a feeling that you will be able to overcome any obstacles to fulfilling your dream. It is unfortunate that there are people on this earth that take delight in others misfortune, but remember, this stems from their envy and greed.

An oft quoted saying is ” that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear” and staying open to this idea will allow you to accept genuine acts of kindness when they are offered. Moments like these can be magical. There is a mystery, a synchronicity to being “open hearted”.

Listen and learn.

You may make mistakes, but these are opportunities to learn and grow.

Have gratitude for the opportunity to make mistakes and be like the Ancient Wise Ones who believed  that a successful life comes from a love of genuinely loving what you do and what you are. When you follow your heart and listen to that inner wisdom, you are awakening a higher power within yourself.

Expand your awareness and let the Universe provide you with the signs that you are taking the right steps. Look beyond the obvious, and occasionally just stay still and let things unfold as they should.

Notice the little things, sharpen your senses and wonder at the beauty around you. As you do this, notice your purpose in the grander scheme of life. Enhanced awareness helps you to rejuvenate your entire sensory system and taking the time to do this will enable you to face problems with greater ease and make intelligent decisions. Standing in integrity with the intention to achieve your dreams will attract others  to you with a similar mindset and an open heart.

Autumn Equinox

observationA day late for the actual Equinox which according to the Bureau of Meteorology in Melbourne was at 11.02am on the 20th – the 21st is the Wicca festival of Mabon.

Celtic tradition also celebrated this marking of the change from Summer to Autumn.

Harvest festivals meant that people could celebrate the abundance of fruits and vegetables and great feasts were held, business concluded as people began to prepare for the winter months and a period of reflection.

It also marks the passage of womanhood from the fecundity of motherhood as she passes into the crone or Wise Woman.

It’s a time to reflect on the balance between light and dark as the equinox brings us a period of almost equal length of night and day.

A time too to reflect on the change of season and although Australia marks the change of season by the calendar – Australian Autumn starts on the 1st March – we have experienced six consecutive days of temperatures in the high 30C”  (which crisped the leaves nicely) and then marked by high winds and a terrific thunderstorm today. All serving to remind us that warmer days are now being left behind and colder weather lies ahead.

So how to celebrate or mark the Equinox?

Bring some balance to your life.

  • Show gratitude for any abundance you are experiencing and become aware of the high energy of this time….. the waxing moon as we head to the Full Moon and Easter will affect many people energetically.
  • Draw up a “Gratitude List” – putting it down on paper will help to bring a new perspective to your situation.
  • If you are blessed with abundance, share some of that with others less fortunate. Perhaps donate some non perishables to your local charity or do some fundraising for a worthy cause.
  • Reconnect with nature – walk in the local park and enjoy Nature’s technicolour show of Autumn leaves. Visit your local orchardist and pick some new season apples – you will be amazed at how different they taste to shop ones which often have been in cold storage for more than a year.
  • Gather some friends together and have your own “feast” – savour the taste of the harvest fruit and vegetables and feast on timeless stories….




A sense of belonging to our tribe, our family, our groups is one of our fundamental needs that often is unmet.
I believe we come here for this lifetime for a purpose, to make a difference.
Part of our growth comes from a understanding why we are here and once we have divined our purpose, peace of mind follows.
We may well struggle for some time in finding our purpose and often find ourselves diverted from our intended path.
This path can sometimes be littered with diversions which cause us to take a little longer to discover our purpose, but are still valuable learning experiences. Challenges along the way serve to create the spiritual and emotional breakthroughs that make the journey richer. Becoming accountable to yourself and acknowledging what is important and what is not is yet another challenge that can be overcome.
Learning to use our intuition, that “gut feeling”, aids in our survival. We have forgotten how to use this extra sense – the ancients trusted their intuitive powers and it helped in their survival.  When we nurture our intuition, it is an extension of caring for our physical body and can nourish our emotional and spiritual self at the same time. Like a compass, intuition can guide us to the right tribe, family or group – leading us to a more meaningful and purposeful life..