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Energy systems

The energy exploration continues…. In the past week or so I have come across Vivaxis, which warranted a look at and a continuation of studying the human energy body.
In many cultures there has been a long and detailed study of the energy systems of the body – particularly in India with Ayurvedic Medicine and China with the energy of the meridians found in Acupuncture.
All of which leads back to where I started, going back to Reiki and Polarity Therapy, both of which I studied and now use on a daily basis.
Part of the daily practice in this year of energy exploration has been the use of the zen chi machine and I am now combining that time with listening to hypnotic recordings. Gradual changes in my personal energy are being noticed and I feel more centred and clear.

Meditation, mandalas and mindset

Day 10 of the exploration of energy.
The morning session on the zen chi machine seems to be getting shorter as I get used to it.
I can feel my lower back loosening up and some of the time is used for arm stretches, which also seems to help in loosening up the spine and in meditating.
Today the colours of meditation were greens and yellows.
Another warm Melbourne day and  the intention was set to use the emWave on arrival at the office – seems like I am becoming a bit of an energy junkie!!
However, I attended to a couple of phone messages first and then to writing down the workshop and  information evening dates as well as preparing the flyers for the events.
In the process of looking over the Meditation manual, I came across this Mandala and decided to do another New Moon meditation whilst contemplating it.
No matter that the New Moon was yesterday, the waxing energy is still there.
Writing down my goals for the next month and what inner resources that I have to achieve them, I found that I was focusing more and more on the lotus petals and coloured them in.
Each petal now represented a goal and the energy of the Mandala changed. In fact, it changed with each new colour that was added – as I was using the colours of the chakras, took the opportunity to use the meditation as a clearing process.
Completing the meditation felt great, there was greater clarity and a really wonderful way to set goals.

Add a little chi

Chi (or Ki in Japanese) is all about energy.
“Where attention goes, energy flows” – I’m not sure who said that, but I like it!
The reason I am focusing on energy is because I’m in the process of writing a workbook to accompany an energy workshop. 
It took a request from a client to experience a Polarity massage to revisit the practices that I had let lapse.
The daily meditation was still in place but since the health issue last year, my personal energy fields are quite depleted. I was eating well – too well – given that I was not as active as I had been before.
But something had changed within.
Again and again I found myself drawn to the study of energy within the body. Using the emWave daily has helped with finding congruence and the HeartMath material on the energetic heart is great reading. Well, I think so!
Another energy system that I use regularly is Reiki – hands on daily and all the better if there is someone to do it for. I have always enjoyed the quietness that comes from giving a Reiki and it took a conversation with another Reiki Master Teacher just recently to realize that I need to schedule some regular classes to teach. Currently I offer “boutique” training, which means that I teach when the student enquires about a class.
Another energy system that I have recently revisited is the EMF Balancing Technique and the energy generated by using one of the symbols has been very effective in making some changes to my work environment.
Last weekend I dusted off the Zen Chi machine and gave it a go. I did this because I couldn’t get medical clearance to go to the gym and decided to be a little more pro-active in minding my own health.
I had forgotten the feeling that is experienced after a session and today is now Day 3 of my new and improved energy program.