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How positive physiology benefits

It really is all in the mind! It’s about how the mind can be used to change how you feel or react to a situation. Let me explain.
I’m a Baby Boomer. Nothing special about that really.
I am a statistical average.
Female, married, adult children at home, professional with university education, aging parent…….
Aaahh! the aging parent –  having parented the children, now it’s time to parent the parent, so as to speak. I’m not complaining as we have a much better relationship now than when it was the other way around, but as the eldest child and the daughter, it is now up to me to provide the support as the body begins to fail and the medical merry go round starts.
Fortunately I have some fantastic tools to work with.
By consciously focusing on maintaining a positive body posture, then not only do I maintain a positive physiology, but my mind set is more positive. I can also see and hear those around me reacting in a positive manner as well. I am constantly calibrating, checking in to make sure that I have a ready, genuine smile, that I am relaxing my neck and shoulders.
I have learned to be present in the situation for my aging parent as the doctor delivers the words “…..cancer…..” and listening as he presents the options, so as to be of service to the parent later. And to reassure and be there for Dad and to take him to the next appointment and listen in again, as with age comes deafness.

I have learned that by maintaining the positive physiology in waiting rooms acts as a calming effect for an anxious & fiercely independent parent, who does not want to end up in a nursing home bed like the love of his life with whom he sat with every day for 5 years as she slipped into dementia and then death.
In amongst all of this, I am being taught some amazing philosophical lessons on living and dying by my 89 year old parent.
We have discussed death and dying in a matter of fact way.  He is remarkably pragmatic about it all and has clearly stated to his medical practitioner about his wishes not to have agressive interventions.
While he sits in the medical centre waiting area, he makes out his shopping list for the next week, confounded this week with the option of stocking up on food because some things might become scarce or more expensive because of the flooding or keeping things to a minimum because he doesn’t want to have too much in the pantry!
A friend commented that I seemed to be very detached from all of the goings on and it may appear that way. I am finding that the constant checking in on the body and what language I am using around the  events of each day is actually relieving the stress, rather than creating it.  I have a Tony Robbins book in the car to take into all the waiting rooms to read, so I have extra help in maintaining a positive outlook and physiology.

Bypassing Ego

I was faced with a difficult decision recently and felt quite uncomfortable with the impending situation, so I decided to trust in the tools that I can now access.

The closer the event of the date loomed, there was more of a “gut reaction”. Undefined stomach aches, nausea, headache and a real sense of gloom. Unusual, because life in general was pretty good at this time.

The rational mind kicked in – “Procrastination”, it said. Other words came up like “avoidance”, “Egotistical” and the like.  No matter how much the mind went to and fro over the matter and presented logical (& illogical) arguments, the fact remained – an undefined sense of unease.

It is extraordinarily difficult to work on yourself and when studying Homeopathy, the lecturer quoted someone famous and said “The physician that treats himself has a fool for a patient”. Some truth in that, as I have on occasion, given myself a painful healing reaction from self administration of remedies! Getting closer to the event, I was now manifesting more physical symptoms, so I decided it was time to bypass the conscious mind and set the intent to go to the original cause of this feeling of unease.  I was also mindful that I needed to ask for help in solving this problem. Luckily, I have a circle of fellow therapists, one of whom assisted most ably.

Having written about Spiritual Hypnotherapy just recently, I decided that this would be the perfect tool to use to access the subconscious, bypass the ego and resolve the issue. With the aid of my fellow hypnotherapist – to guide me by asking appropriate questions and as we started,  I set the intent to get an answer and went into trance quite rapidly.

An interesting lifetime emerged and it related to the current issue. The life ended by hanging and the main characters were also central in this lifetime. 2 hours of vivid sights, sounds and smells – better than a movie at times – but a little scary to be physically experiencing the tightness around the throat and difficulty in breathing. The next step was to release and cut the ties both to this event and people, so that any residual emotions that I had been holding onto would dissapate.  I also released any vows that I may have made in regard to poverty and service. There was an amazing clarity and a profound sense of peace and relief on return to the room.

Returning home, the doubting Thomas within needed to validate the inner journey. And validation came. An email from a distant cousin which gave family details back to that time and beyond. Further research into the era experienced turned up the names of those involved (they remained the same & I discovered one was married to that distant ancestor)and recorded on the pages of the internet, a scenario almost as I described it in trance. I have no recall of having read that information before. The more I read, the calmer I became about the situation. Here was an explanation that transcended the conscious and effectively bypassed Ego.

That night I slept well and woke for the first time in weeks, refreshed. Needless to say, I wholeheartedly recommend the use of hypnotherapy as a tool to help the subconscious to resolve a difficult problem in whatever way appropriate.

The Water Element

More than 75% of Queensland is now flood affected as well as parts of NSW and Western Australia.
Nothing can prepare you for the images of great expanses of water or the graphic videos of cars being tossed about on the torrents.
There are many communities isolated and in the city where so many were isolated before, there is a sense of community as strangers help one another to safety.
The power of the water is not to be underestimated either. What looks tranquil and is life giving at one moment can also be deadly and can sweep away all in its path, the next.
Water is the source of life and in Polarity Therapy is the element most associated with emotion. When in balance, the Water element allows us to relax and let go, so often demonstrated by the falling of tears. We may use the term “go with the flow” and relax into our emotions. However, when there is a lack of balance we may be challenged by our attachment to worldly things.

The Five Elements need to be in balance for us to function well, physically and emotionally. An over abundance of Water affects the Earth element and our thinking may become “stuck in the mud”, but conversely too much Water and we become “flooded with feelings and emotions”.  Water always flows  to the lowest point.  Too much of anything is not good for you – too much Ether and we become “spaced out”, too much Air and you may find you just cannot concentrate (ask any teacher about windy days!), too much Fire and procrastination abounds. Projects are started, fire up and burn out just as quickly.
On a physical level, the Water Element governs our lymphatic system, blood and tears. There are a number of diseases associated with imbalance of the Water element, such as menstrual difficulties, prostate, pelvic & lower back problems, allergies and even feet problems.
There are several Polarity sequences to get back into balance as well as the Polarity Diet which is an excellent de-toxification program. A simple re-balancing technique if you are feeling stagnant is to massage your Ring fingers and fourth toes. When you are in balance, you are able to flow with ease and cleanse and renew.

Renew those New Year Resolutions

“Cheers to a New Year and another chance to get it right” – Oprah Winfrey

Did you make your New Year’s resolutions and keep them? We are a couple of weeks into the new year now and are they just a distant memory? Did you experience remorse on New Year’s Day or shortly after when you realized that your first resolution had been broken? Be kind to yourself and ask where the lesson is in this. Change your thinking and see this as feedback that will enable you to make successful goals in the future.

“A New Year’s resolution is something that goes in one year and out the other” – Anon.

There are common new year resolutions on every continent and the top 5  made every year are:

  1. Getting into shape – and that includes weight loss, fitness, giving up smoking or drinking
  2. Getting more organized
  3. Getting a job or changing to a better job
  4. Spending less or clearing debt
  5. Improving the mind and getting an education.

Well, no need to despair or feel as if you have yet to achieve those goals.  If you didn’t stick to those resolutions you made with good intent, then change them so you can,  How so, you may ask? There is still time to review those resolutions you made and set new and achievable goals, just in time for Chinese New Year which falls this year on February 4th.

Take the top intention from the list and let’s apply the SMART goal setting system to your resolutions and you will go from resolution to evolution – creating the change that you really want.

Getting into Shape

S is for Specific – What is it EXACTLY that you want to achieve?

  • Do you want to lose weight – how much & by when;
  • get fit by walking/running/aerobic exercise/gym & what level of fitness will you be happy with;
  • stop smoking/drinking or reduce your intake?

M is for Measurable – How will you know WHEN you have achieved your goal?

  • Set your time frame,
  • clothes size,
  • weight,
  • cigarettes reduced etc.

Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day…..

A is for Achievable are you capable of getting to your goal?

  • Who do you need to support you to get there? You can’t expect to lose 20kg in a couple of weeks, after all it did creep up on you – all those chocolates and treats while writing reports, that extra slice of Christmas pudding, the broken biscuits that don’t count, finishing off those fries for the kids….

R is for Realistic – are you going “cold turkey” on the booze and ciggies?

  • How likely are you to relapse? Again, you need to put in your support systems. If you are serious about your health and the risks involved in excessive consumption (of anything) then have a plan. Fail to plan and plan to fail.
  • Speak to your Primary Health Practitioner, get your patches or see a Hypnotherapist for your smoking cessation plan or alcohol detox.

T is for Timely – this is where you set the date for when you expect to achieve your goals. You need to have done all of the above to make your resolution a success.

The Year of the Rabbit, is an ideal year to achieve your success as it is a much quieter and more relaxed year than that of 2010, the Year of the Tiger. However, the Rabbit influences of comfort, good taste and refinement may lead to over indulgences and putting off unpleasant tasks.

Make your resolutions fun and enjoyable using the SMART goal setting techniques and you will enjoy the new year and a new you!

“An Optimist stays up to midnight to see the New Year and a Pessimist stays up to make sure the old year leaves.”  Bill Vaughan

Spiritual Hypnotherapy

Spiritual Hypnotherapy – an interesting term. Historically, most religions have used the trance state to reach enlightenment. Meditation and prayer can result in ecstasy states for some fortunate people.The Sufi have their Whirling Dervishes and the monks of old had their Gregorian Chants. Look into the religions and you will find many activities that lead to altered states.

Trance states abound in modern society. Television is our most common mesmerist. The subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) beat of music can lead to  an altered state of awareness as well.So if your teenager is listening to their “doof doof” music while doing their homework and they get that far-away look in their eyes, it could be a great time to offer some suggestions about cleaning up their room…….!

Many people will be familiar with Hypnotherapy used in a Clinical sense – most commonly for stopping smoking or other addictions. It is used effectively in the Medical and Dental settings for anaesthesia and allaying anxieties.

Some will have even experienced stage hypnosis and clucked like a chicken or forgotten names or numbers. But Hypnosis is not mind control – all Hypnosis is actually self Hypnosis. You will only go into trance if you want to.

How long can you stay in trance? For as long as you want to! In Spiritual Hypnotherapy you may have a Past Life Regression session lasting  2 or more hours. A Lives Between Lives session can go for 4 or more hours.

So why Spiritual Hypnotherapy? The mind/body connection is not fully understood and I must admit I was very sceptical about this area when I first came across it. I had a Past Life Regression out of curiosity. What came out of that gave me goosebumps – the session was recorded and I have gone back over it several times. I spoke in another language and the session was validated several weeks later when I met a person who “knew” me, but I had never met. When we discussed my session, she produced her autobiography (which I had never read) and details matched. I had thought the session was an interesting “story”, but now there was a twist!

When the opportunity to train as a Past Life Regression Therapist, I went along for the experience. Again a smidgen of scepticism. Each session is different and I do enjoy being there as the “tour guide” to the client’s experience. Some sessions seem more vivid and real than others. One client in particular stands out. For the purpose of this article, I shall call her Jenny.

Jenny presented for a Past Life Regression partly out of curiosity, partly because she had a niggling problem that seemed to have no medical reason. She is a Reiki Therapist and very aware of the various metaphysical connections with aches and pains and had explored the physical and the metaphysical in search of an answer. She was open to whatever would come up in her session. Jenny went into trance very easily, helped by her meditation and Reiki practice and slipped into her past life with no effort at all. She described a town in old rural Japan where she was an educated young woman. Jenny was caring for and teaching some children when the town was attacked and she was speared in the abdomen and died.

Some weeks later, she was working in her clinic and one of her clients slipped into trance during a Reiki treatment and described the town and Jenny’s death, thus validating her experience for her. She realized that she had no longer experienced abdominal pain since having the Past Life regression. Knowing how she had died in that life appeared to remove the need to continue experiencing the pain in this lifetime.