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Transformation is a gradual process.
Look back and see how many changes have occurred, and thank yourself for all the steps you have taken. 
Now may be time for a giant leap of faith, or you may be ready for a journey into the unknown.  
Let go of the past, be free to move on.
Renewal of strength and revitalization is upon you. 
Call upon your heart energy to see you through your transformation.”

Treasures from Tikashi

A couple of weeks since the last posting, but the energy exploration has continued with interesting outcomes.

February 9th was the anniversary of my “cardiac event” and on the 13th, the cardiologist gave me the all clear in regard to the surgery having sorted the arrhythmia.
All good!!
Time to start the renovations!
On the 10th I discovered that the knowledge papers for the course I was doing were due in at the end of January, not September as I had thought. For a brief moment, I thought of giving up, a horrible sinking feeling in my core.
Then I reflected back on what I have achieved in the last 3 years and if I do say so myself, I have done pretty well. A Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy, 3 Cert 4’s – Training and Assessment, Coaching, Business, starting a business that is congruent with my values and studying for a Diploma in Coaching.

After a phone call to Student Support, and still feeling dreadful, miserable & contracted within, they told  me that if I could get the papers in by the end of February, all would be OK. Overwhelm for  a moment and again the thought to give up. Change the energy of the thoughts and reframe and see the positive in finishing what I started.
A deep breath – review what I have done and discover that there really isn’t much to finish off and I make a plan and decide to get it all done. A few more moments of procrastination and frustration at the syntax of some of the questions – but finally the 5 papers are finished and all posted by the 23rd! Coffee with a fellow student from the same intake who encouraged and inspired me to finish, then off to the Post Office – Registered mail – let go of outcome and get on with life!!

Backtrack to the middle of the month and part of the renovation and release was to experience a couple of Network Chiropractic sessions.

The first session was one to one and I found it really helpful as it enabled me to let go of the tensions around the heart area from the event and the surgery.
The second session was a disaster. Three others in the room and a crying baby and the chiropractor kept asking if I felt the energy when he was working on someone else. Unfortunately – no! I reckon I am reasonably in tune with feeling energy, but this setting didn’t work for me.
Didn’t feel anything much, except a sore back from lying face down and the thought of repeating the process twice weekly didn’t feel right at all. I came away from the session feeling drained and very unsettled as felt that I had absorbed other peoples “stuff”.

A massage later in the week helped to relieve the back tension and the therapist commented on the amount of heat that I had in my back!
The year of energy exploration continues………………


We all have choices
– as a child these were often made for us, and generally in our best interests, but as an adult, one always has a choice.
Whether we exercise that choice or not is what defines us.
If we are held back by fears from childhood or past experiences, then there comes a time to let these fears go and make life more enjoyable and meaningful.
 William Glasser wrote an excellent book “Choice Theory”, on how to choose the life you want to live and stay close to the people you need.
He writes of how we create our own quality worlds and how we are often reluctant to share these with others as we are afraid that we may be ridiculed or criticized.
We have a choice as to whether we will accept that criticism as valid and constructive or to set it aside.
Making choices means taking responsibility for your actions and allowing learnings to take place from the outcomes.
It is necessary to put aside the past, as our memories are notoriously unreliable.
We often create our memories on perceptions of an event. The unconscious mind can even create a “memory” using the imagination.
Using the imagination in a constructive way, we can then choose to reframe our existing and more painful memories in a positive and helpful way, so that we can take charge of our lives in a purposeful and empowered way.

Life Lessons

I came across a saying at a training I went to recently:

“Are you ripe and rotting or green and growing?”

I would like to think that I am still green and growing, even though chronologically am scooting through the years.

The past 12 months have provided me with some great learning moments and the highs and lows of seeking to bring more balance into my life.

Challenged by new learning systems, particularly self paced study with webinars, and not face to face contact, I managed to achieve a bit over the months.  Difficult to find the balance between the detail that is required for submitting University papers and competency based  questions, I probably over intellectualized each question on the Cert 4 papers that I handed in.

The few face to face trainings that I did attend were quite unlike previous lectures or workshops and high energy and at times I was quite out of my comfort zone. All good though and I came away with new skills that I am putting to use on a daily basis.

Most of the year has been out of my comfort zone and parts of it have been a bit of a blur.

Physically, I was knocked out with a cardiac event – the date is indelibly marked in my mind – Thursday 10th February 2011. Emotionally, I was overwhelmed by the support of a few special people who have held my hand as I mended my heart. Particularly painful was the realization that family were not part of the healing process either at the time of the event or after the surgical ablation in July.

A bit like Humpty Dumpty, I felt like I had fallen off the wall and couldn’t be put back together again, but my “healing team”, consisting of a Homeopath, an Acupuncturist, a Hypnotherapist and a couple of Reiki Masters all worked hard to contribute to my improved health. I will also acknowledge the Cardiologist, in that he sorted out the electrical malfunction. New friends have been made and they may not be aware of the pearls of wisdom that they have given me at different times.

The lessons that clients bring are all part of the journey. It truly is a privilege to work with them and honour their trust as they go into a hypnotic trance. Each session has its special moments and it is quite profound to see the relaxation on their faces when they finish a session. Truly a trance-formation!

So the journey continues, veering down the spiritual road now, having picked up the tools of Reiki and Polarity Therapy  that I had set aside for so many years. Just recently I re-visited the EMF Balancing course that I did (OMG – that was last century!!)  And having picked up these tools, I am meeting and noticing people in my life that are claiming their spirituality, acknowledging the subtle energies of the body and feeling so much better for having them in my life.

The Energy of Women

An exciting morning at the launch of “Women Building Bridges” in Clayton. Sponsored by the Victorian Immigrant & Refugee Women’s Coalition and the City of Monash, it was a great opportunity to meet with women from all walks of life and areas of the world. Dances by women completed the launch  and  networking was done over the lunch catered by the women from the Cook Islands.

So many stories to be told and the room was full of warmth, inclusiveness and a genuine desire by all to reach out hands in friendship and support.

Energy systems

The energy exploration continues…. In the past week or so I have come across Vivaxis, which warranted a look at and a continuation of studying the human energy body.
In many cultures there has been a long and detailed study of the energy systems of the body – particularly in India with Ayurvedic Medicine and China with the energy of the meridians found in Acupuncture.
All of which leads back to where I started, going back to Reiki and Polarity Therapy, both of which I studied and now use on a daily basis.
Part of the daily practice in this year of energy exploration has been the use of the zen chi machine and I am now combining that time with listening to hypnotic recordings. Gradual changes in my personal energy are being noticed and I feel more centred and clear.