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Personal Growth

Many years ago whilst still teaching, a professional development activity required us all to undertake an assessment as part of a personal growth program. I can’t remember which assessment it was, but it measured several key areas – a bit of a combination of a psychological and aptitude profile to see if we were mathematically or logically aligned as well our artistic and creative abilities. It also included whether we had strong spiritual beliefs as well as our communication skills. It certainly wasn’t about Emotional Intelligences.

No surprises for me when my assessment came back. If you know me well, then you can probably guess where my strengths and weaknesses showed up. I do remember many of the staff grumbling about having to do “touchy feely” activities as a result of the assessment in order to create a “team spirit”.

Many of the teaching staff flitted about showing and comparing their profiles to each other, but I decided to keep mine close. The facilitators had a good idea of the grouping of various abilities and it was clear that for the most part, we had chosen our teaching areas according to our profiles.

With my result showing somewhat of a deficit in the science area, I made the decision to undertake some studies related to that area for personal growth. I chose to do a course unrelated to my subject matter or even teaching.

personal growthI had just finished a 4 year Steiner Teacher Training course and had discovered that I enjoyed exploring subjects that stretched my mind. As Steiner education looks at the whole child including their health, I decided to find out more about Homeopathy.

This might not appear to the skeptic to be scientific, but I discovered that you do need a logical approach to taking a history and recording and comparing symptoms to the effects of remedies. A bit of a giant physiological jigsaw puzzle. This study took another 4 years part time and as part of the course requirements I needed to study anatomy and physiology. Nothing like diving into and improving my scientific knowledge! Another year of stretching myself although I do like to think it was balanced with the esoteric knowledge imparted during the Polarity Therapy that I studied after that…….


In the Southern Hemisphere after an unusual summer, autumn has begun with a series of heavy downpours. Much of country NSW and Victoria have been hit again with flooding for the second year in a row. Small creeks, usually insignificant are now torrents of water and threatening to inundate townships.

Mornings can be grey and misty and as we approach the Vernal Equinox, the length of time between night and day becomes more equal. There is a crispness in the mornings that takes a little getting used to after the warmth of the summer.

As the first of the Autumn Full Moons approach, we can turn our thoughts to manifesting new goals for this season.

These can be goals for improving health and wellbeing, so that the winter months are not spent laid up with colds or flu.

Still thinking of the approaching winter months, plans can be set in place to occupy our minds and to prepare us for a new fresh approach in spring. Take an hour or so to plan the next few months productively.

As you move towards a more introspective mindset, you might want to consider what, if anything has been holding you back. Whilst you are in this meditative state, ask yourself if there is anything that needs to be changed. Is it a habit or an unhelpful memory that can be addressed by accessing your unconscious mind?

How are you going to nurture body, mind and soul?

What gifts are you gathering from this season’s harvest which will nourish you and show you the abundance of the universe?

The Rhythm of the Days

Every day has its own special rhythm. To know and understand more about these rhythms creates a sense of security. The overlying theme is circular and can be felt in the breath – breathing in and breathing out.

At school a rhythm must be set from the earliest years. In the Steiner tradition there is a morning circle, followed by play and morning tea. Steiner observed that chaotic behaviour in the child is not the child’s fault but a lack of rhythm by the parents and teacher.

Each day is governed by a planet and each day has a different grain or colour assigned to it. By including a different grain each day, the diet becomes more varied. Colours can be used either in the clothing of the child or the adults, even by using different coloured tablecloths in the home or classroom. For the teacher, it is useful to know what day of the week a child is born on as this also determines, according to ancient wisdom, the constitution of the child. The Homeopathic Repertory also lists remedies suited to constitutional disorders, which is helpful when treating children.

Monday is ruled by the Moon and rice or rice water is the appropriate grain. The colour to wear or use is VIOLET. The metal is Silver and the Chinese Medicine element is Water. Astrologically ruled by Cancer, the body parts most affected by the Moon are the brain, nervous system and bladder. The child born on this day may have a sensitivity and awareness, frequently reflect on events and have a good imagination and memory.

Tuesday is ruled by Mars and Barley should be consumed. The colour to wear or use is RED. The metal is Iron and in Chinese Medicine it relates to the Fire Element. Mars rules the blood in the body, including blood pressure, temperature and adrenal glands. The head, face and reproductive system are affected by the planet Mars and the months  are Aries and Scorpio. The child born on this day may have  fire, passion, energy, assertiveness and willpower.

Wednesday is ruled by Mercury and Millet is the appropriate grain. The colour to wear or use is YELLOW.  The Mercury constitution is often disordered by coughs and colds. The body parts affected are the respiratory system, nerves and the mind can be quite active although changeable. The Chinese Medicine element is Air and the astrological signs are Gemini and Virgo. A Mercury child may have an active intelligence, good communication skills, the power to reason and a love of learning through speech and writing.

Thursday is ruled by Jupiter and the grain that should be consumed is Rye. The colour to wear or use is ORANGE. The metal is Tin, and areas of the body affected may be the liver, gallbladder, digestion, thyroid, hips, navel and feet. Sagittarius and Pisces are Jupiter months. The Chinese Medicine element is Earth. A child born on this day may have enthusiasm, optimism and a benevolent nature, wisdom beyond their years and the capacity to create opportunity and growth.

Friday is ruled by the planet Venus and Oats should be eaten. The colour to wear or use is GREEN. The metal for Venus is Copper and the astrological connections are Libra and Taurus. The urinary & reproductive systems are ruled by Venus and the Chinese Medicine element is Water. Children born on this day may have a sociable and affectionate constitution. They enjoy harmony, comfort and beauty.

Saturday is ruled by the planet Saturn and the grain is Corn. The colour is BLUE. The metal for Saturn is Lead and the Chinese Medicine element is Earth. Astrologically it is ruled by Aquarius and Capricorn. The body parts most affected by Saturn are the spleen, bones and joints and the spinal column. A child born on this day may be noticed by its love of order and discipline. They are often idealistic and have a strong moral sense, living life in integrity.

Sunday is ruled by the Sun and Wheat should be eaten. The colour is WHITE. The metal for the Sun is Gold and the astrological connection is Leo. The Chinese Medicine element is Fire and the heart, circulation, blood and vision may be areas to watch.  Children born on this day may have energy to spare, vitality, leadership and willpower, tempered with compassion, love and generosity.

In Lotus Alchemy, which emphasises the transformation of the human being, there are also the 7 stages of life that correspond to the planets:

Birth to 7 – Moon

7 to 14 – Mercury

14 to 21 – Venus

21 to 42 – Sun

42 to 49 – Mars

49 – 56 – Jupiter

56 to 63 – Saturn

63 to 70 – Moon

70 to 77 – Mercury.