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Finishing the year

The last couple of days have been spent reflecting on how the year has gone, the friendships made and those put aside, achievements and disappointments and cleaning the house in preparation for the New Year.
For most of the year, it was a continuation of the year without alcohol. This stretched out to 14 months before I actually had a drink & when I did, I felt so wretched the next day that I decided I would be better off avoiding it again. Of course, just to make sure, I did have another drink or two or more before going back to the alcohol free life! Being alcohol free has challenged others more than me at times. There were times that I felt like I could have had a drink, but I resisted.
The year started with some confusion as acknowledgement of a teaching position didn’t come through officially, but when I phoned the school, I was assured that I was to start at the end of January. Disappointment followed upon finding out that I was to be paid at graduate level as I had not worked in the State Education system. Negotiations continued in the first week as the contract had not been drawn up and eventually I was offered a rate above graduate, but not commensurate with my years of experience. Still, an opportunity to teach in a small school and to put aside some money to continue my education and to pay the rent on my rooms.

Easter came and we made the trek to Heathcote, looking forward to playing in the labyrinths. The weather was great, yet I didn’t do any work on the labyrinths this year, except for a small tidy up. One of the other campers was in an unresourceful state, so after long deliberation, we have decided not to return in 2011- which will break a 20+ year tradition – we will do something different!

In June we headed off to Cape York. I had an uneasy feeling about it before leaving, yet nothing happened on the Cape York part of the trip! It was on the homeward leg from Birdsville to Innaminka that got tricky and took 5 and a bit hours to do about 100km.

Back in Melbourne and a week of NLP. Love it! Goes so well with the Hypnotherapy. Most weeknight evenings were spent online listening to lectures for the Cert 4 of Business & Diploma that I have undertaken. So much information, some challenging and taking up the challenge has been a journey.
New friends through new ventures and a wardrobe restyle for a new look. So much has changed this year. There is the saying “Change your mind, change your life” and this has been so true. The time came to make a decision about teaching and in a way that was made for me, when a child struck out at me and then picked up his chair and came at me. Neither he nor I wanted to be at school at that time and place. Days later my back gave out and I couldn’t walk for a week. The gift was being able to meet with some amazing people and teach some incredible children in that time and have positive memories to take with me.

One door closes and another opens. I’m taking a tiny peek through the door to 2011and loving the feeling of excitement that I’m getting……..

The Rhythm of the Days

Every day has its own special rhythm. To know and understand more about these rhythms creates a sense of security. The overlying theme is circular and can be felt in the breath – breathing in and breathing out.

At school a rhythm must be set from the earliest years. In the Steiner tradition there is a morning circle, followed by play and morning tea. Steiner observed that chaotic behaviour in the child is not the child’s fault but a lack of rhythm by the parents and teacher.

Each day is governed by a planet and each day has a different grain or colour assigned to it. By including a different grain each day, the diet becomes more varied. Colours can be used either in the clothing of the child or the adults, even by using different coloured tablecloths in the home or classroom. For the teacher, it is useful to know what day of the week a child is born on as this also determines, according to ancient wisdom, the constitution of the child. The Homeopathic Repertory also lists remedies suited to constitutional disorders, which is helpful when treating children.

Monday is ruled by the Moon and rice or rice water is the appropriate grain. The colour to wear or use is VIOLET. The metal is Silver and the Chinese Medicine element is Water. Astrologically ruled by Cancer, the body parts most affected by the Moon are the brain, nervous system and bladder. The child born on this day may have a sensitivity and awareness, frequently reflect on events and have a good imagination and memory.

Tuesday is ruled by Mars and Barley should be consumed. The colour to wear or use is RED. The metal is Iron and in Chinese Medicine it relates to the Fire Element. Mars rules the blood in the body, including blood pressure, temperature and adrenal glands. The head, face and reproductive system are affected by the planet Mars and the months  are Aries and Scorpio. The child born on this day may have  fire, passion, energy, assertiveness and willpower.

Wednesday is ruled by Mercury and Millet is the appropriate grain. The colour to wear or use is YELLOW.  The Mercury constitution is often disordered by coughs and colds. The body parts affected are the respiratory system, nerves and the mind can be quite active although changeable. The Chinese Medicine element is Air and the astrological signs are Gemini and Virgo. A Mercury child may have an active intelligence, good communication skills, the power to reason and a love of learning through speech and writing.

Thursday is ruled by Jupiter and the grain that should be consumed is Rye. The colour to wear or use is ORANGE. The metal is Tin, and areas of the body affected may be the liver, gallbladder, digestion, thyroid, hips, navel and feet. Sagittarius and Pisces are Jupiter months. The Chinese Medicine element is Earth. A child born on this day may have enthusiasm, optimism and a benevolent nature, wisdom beyond their years and the capacity to create opportunity and growth.

Friday is ruled by the planet Venus and Oats should be eaten. The colour to wear or use is GREEN. The metal for Venus is Copper and the astrological connections are Libra and Taurus. The urinary & reproductive systems are ruled by Venus and the Chinese Medicine element is Water. Children born on this day may have a sociable and affectionate constitution. They enjoy harmony, comfort and beauty.

Saturday is ruled by the planet Saturn and the grain is Corn. The colour is BLUE. The metal for Saturn is Lead and the Chinese Medicine element is Earth. Astrologically it is ruled by Aquarius and Capricorn. The body parts most affected by Saturn are the spleen, bones and joints and the spinal column. A child born on this day may be noticed by its love of order and discipline. They are often idealistic and have a strong moral sense, living life in integrity.

Sunday is ruled by the Sun and Wheat should be eaten. The colour is WHITE. The metal for the Sun is Gold and the astrological connection is Leo. The Chinese Medicine element is Fire and the heart, circulation, blood and vision may be areas to watch.  Children born on this day may have energy to spare, vitality, leadership and willpower, tempered with compassion, love and generosity.

In Lotus Alchemy, which emphasises the transformation of the human being, there are also the 7 stages of life that correspond to the planets:

Birth to 7 – Moon

7 to 14 – Mercury

14 to 21 – Venus

21 to 42 – Sun

42 to 49 – Mars

49 – 56 – Jupiter

56 to 63 – Saturn

63 to 70 – Moon

70 to 77 – Mercury.

5 keys to making your New Year’s Resolutions effective

It’s that time of year again tables laden with calorie rich food and drink are set all over Australia. The kilos start to creep on and with the New Year looming fast, you probably haven’t even started thinking about your New Year’s resolutions, as you are enjoying yourself too much. The regret comes in the new year.  The most common resolutions made are: to lose weight; to stop smoking and to stop drinking. And the problem lies in making and keeping those resolutions strong.

Often the resolutions are a cliché, a rote response with little thought or meaningful reflection on the outcome.

Follow the 5 keys to making your resolutions effective and permanent.

1. Clarity – be 100% sure about your goal. This has to change this year. Be specific about the goal and the date you want to achieve it by. Take it seriously and take time to reflect on it. If you have chosen something you think you should do, or someone else has suggested that you do it, then there is no power behind it – it is a cliché, no more important that those rote replies when someone asks you how you are. Take the time to examine your goal mentally, spiritually, consciously and unconsciously.

2. Shift your perception –  How do you see what you are going to achieve? Make it fun and pleasurable for you and you are more likely to be successful. Be creative in the way you approach your goal and decide that this is now your new way of life. Revisit key number 1 and set your goals. If it is weight loss, then define how many kilos you are going to set aside and envisage a permanent lifestyle change. Make the decision to act with clarity for yourself.

3. What’s your belief system? – If you believe that you will achieve your goal – you will. Sometimes you may have a core desire to do something but you may not fully believe in your possibilities. If this is so, then what are your limiting beliefs? Be fully present and examine your beliefs about the outcome. If your beliefs are congruent to the resolution, then change will happen. If not, work on removing the belief system and replace it with small achievable goals. Remember that every journey starts with a single step.

4. Gratitude – enjoy your journey and show gratitude for  the small successes. Each mini goal will add to your eventual overall success. The journey may be slow and gradual but will lead to permanent lifestyle changes.

5. Connection – connection with your goals on a daily basis will help you to remain focused and clear about your outcome. Write your resolutions and goals down and put them so they are visible in a multitude of places. Post-it notes on the mirror in the bathroom, on the fridge, reminders on your calendars – electronic and paper reminders. Tick them off as you achieve them and congratulate yourself on your new way of life.

Polarity Therapy and the Number 3

The Polarity Triune is the Positive, Negative and Neutral flows of energy.

These energies can be seen in several ways.

Within the body there are three principles of energy:

  1. Fire energy – from the sun and found in all living things
  2. Air energy – the breath of life
  3. Water energy – the body fluids which contain the chemistry of life

Randolph Stone believed that all motion is triune and that nothing is an independent unit with everything relying on and interacting with other units.

The Polarity Triune can also be seen in the process of creation. Dr Stone gave as another example, The Garden of Paradise where there could be found:

  • A tree of life
  • A tree of Knowledge of good and evil
  • The snake as the tempter

The 3 energies…..

1. Positive energy moves away from the centre and is fiery, repelling and centrifugal, It starts in the umbilical area, spiralling outward in a clockwise direction. The right side of the body, superior areas and back are also imbued with positive energy.
Other qualities of this energy are male, yang, expansive, fire, outgoing and sympathetic. The Right hand is
positive , as is the top of the body and limbs.
Within the hands, the middle (fire) and little (earth) fingers have a
positive energy.


 2.    Neutral energy

This is found in the East West currents.
It flows from left to right at the front and right to left in the back.
The middle of limbs, the torso and head are neutral areas.
The thumbs on both hands have a neutral energy

3. Negative energy flows in the long currents of the body, called the North South Currents.
On the right side, the energy flows down the front and up the back, whilst on the left side it flows up the front and down the back.
This energy can flow out through the toes and fingers in a circular manner.
The negative energy is found on the left side of the body, front and inferior areas. It is essentially a female, yin energy, receptive and affects the parasympathetic nervous system, is in going and has a water element to it.
The left hand and the bottom of the torso, head and sections of limbs have a negative quality,
The left hand is negative and the index fingers (air) and the ring fingers (water) are also negatively charged.


Polarity Therapy

What is Polarity Therapy?

Polarity Therapy is a therapeutic method of returning the physical and energetic body to a state into which energy blocks causing dis-ease and ill health are removed and good health may be restored.

It is based upon a combination of Eastern therapies such as Ayurvedic and Taoist traditions as well as Western therapies such as Chiropractic, Osteopathy, Herbal and Naturopathy.
Dr Randolph Stone, the founder of Polarity Therapy saw the connection between these therapies and felt that lasting cure could be achieved if all aspects of the body were addressed.
It is a truly holistic form of therapy as it encompasses four modalities to bring about a balanced energy state.

Three Major Currents

There are three major currents which emanate from the Chakra system

  • the East West current
  • the Spiral current
  • the Long Line currents
Each of the the currents mirror the three principles of the Gunas.

The East West current is also referred to as the Transverse current. It is Sattvic and neutral. It emanates from the top and bottom of the body and spirals transversely around the body. It helps to bind the energy of the parasympathetic nervous system to the core.

The Spiral current is derived from the fire Centre and is responsible for the Rajasic qualities of movement and expansion. It originates from the umbilical region and sends warming, healing, vital energy throughout the body. It corresponds to the sympathetic nervous system.

The Long Line currents emanate individually from each Chakra. These are Tamasic in nature and each current takes on the characteristics of a particular chakra. So the current from the Air center or chakra is called the Air current. The long line currents correlate to the five senses and the central nervous system.

The Polarities of the body

Positive Polarities

Positive polarities of the body are :
Negative Polarities

Negative polarities of the body are:

Neutral Polarities

Neutral polarities of the body are:
top bottom

right sided left sided the east west currents
superior inferior
the back the front moves in vertical waves in the long pathways of the body energy flows left to right on the front
moving clockwise to the right down the front and up the back on the right side
energy moves away from the centre up the front and down the back on the left side energy flows right to left on the back
the Right hand energy moves towards the centre

the left hand

middle and little fingers index and ring fingers the thumbs on both hands