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At the crossroads

It’s the end of April already! Workwise, there have been a number of changes and everything is falling into place.
I have written the vision and values statement for BrightLight and word of mouth is starting to generate regular clients. I have read the E-myth and the process there has resonated and I have taken off the procrastination hat and begun work on an operations manual.
Surprisingly, I have had a number of massage clients this month, rather than Hypnotherapy or coaching and one has expressed an interest in me teaching her Polarity Therapy. I am seriously considering this as there are no other Polarity courses around at present.
The HypnoCoaching is proving successful and clients are able to remove longstanding blocks when in trance and the coaching model is moving them forward effectively. I am looking at different advertising mediums, as the current one I have been using is not cost effective as it is not delivering projected leads. I have been given a couple of suggestions by a colleague that are working for her, so will try them out.
Again, the question of where to practice from is under review. I love my home office & the dog, but he sometimes overenthusiastically welcomes people and not everyone loves dogs. His other, annoying habit of whining outside the door, invariably when the client is just about to enter a deeper state of relaxation, is frustrating to say the least. I remain for the time being, at the Osteopathic clinic one afternoon a week, but there are not the referrals that I had hoped for & the location is quite isolated later in the afternoon.
I feel sure that there is something more suitable on the horizon.

Anzac Day

Anzac Day weekend.
Probably not politically correct to mention that one of my grandfathers was in the area at the time, but as an officer with the British not the Australian army. Also not being a morning person, means that I am not a candidate for attending the Dawn Service.
My father, who is nearly 89 did go to a service earlier in the week althought he was also in the British Army during WW2.
Otherwise a quiet weekend, celebrating my father in law’s 79th birthday on Saturday afternoon and catching up with a friend who has just moved house on Sunday.

 Not knowing what to give as a housewarming gift, and seeing how exhausted she and her partner were, I gave them both the gift of a Polarity massage. Great that they didn’t have to drive anywhere afterwards by the looks on their faces!
 Had a couple of moments earlier in the day when I got caught up in reading stuff on Facebook about workplace bullying. Watched a couple of videos and realized that I still had some residual stuff happening from my experience. I did a self hypnosis session and reframed in a positive manner. Whilst driving over to my friend’s house listened to a couple of podcasts that continued the process – NLP works really well.
Looking forward to the next couple of weeks with a few new goals to achieve. I have already re-visited my website and edited the About page, adding values and beliefs.


Energy goes where attention flows.

Where is your attention?

Hopefully right now it is on reading this article, but generally what grabs your attention? TV, computer games, social networking all give us instant stimulation that grabs our attention. The paradox is that the more we let our attention flow to these media the less energy we have for ourselves.

Schools are full of students who have been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD and if you look at the habits of these students, you will often find that they lack energy. There are many reasons for this and electronic media are not entirely to blame. Environmental issues such as diet and a hectic home life also contribute to energy or attention deficits and will be discussed in future articles. Continue reading Attention

Good company

Went to dinner this evening with the Osteopaths & crew from Total Osteo, where I am working on Monday afternoons.
Dinner was to celebrate one of the Osteopaths birthday and we enjoyed Chilean cuisine. (Thankyou Lee!)
I had a treatment earlier in the day from David and there is that good sore/stiffness that comes from being put back into shape! I know that I will feel better tomorrow. Earlier in the afternoon, I had a LifeLine session with Tracey and loved wearing the red glasses – what a hoot!  All sorts of things came up, probably a combination of being open from the Osteo treatment. Particularly interesting was the going back to the past to discover limiting belief patterns.

Four Aspects Of Polarity Therapy

There are four systems of treatment within Polarity Therapy.Wireless anatomy

  1. The manipulation of energy by putting the hands on the body. Polarity Therapy also includes the energy balancing of the Chakra system, which in turn allows energy to flow more freely to the Nervous system. When the Nervous system is functioning at its optimum, then the vital organs are nourished adequately.
  2. Another important aspect of the integrated therapy is the exercises. These combine stretching with breath work and are effective in releasing both physical and emotional blocks.
  3. Polarity Therapy also focuses on the relationship between diet and good health. The therapist helps the client become aware of the link between good food and good health, guiding them to dietary method that may cleanse or build better health.
  4. The fourth feature of Polarity Therapy is the changes in the emotional and mental energy of the client, as the energetic blocks are removed by either hands on treatments, diet or exercise as well as what Randolph Stone called his “Dutch uncle” talks, which by today’s standards would be classified as a form of counselling
All of the above require an active client/practitioner relationship
as the energy flows within the body return to balance.

Autumn Meditation

Autumn is traditionally a time of harvesting the fruits of one’s summer labours and it is time to start preparing for the winter season so one can enter a  state of hibernation.

March also sees the Vernal Equinox, when there is an equal amount of light and dark, before the lengthening of nights.

The weather cools although often there is that last burst of warmth as if to remember the summer season. Mornings are cooler and there is a general sense of slowing down, even when the time reverts back from daylight savings to Eastern Standard Time.

The full moons in this period often look spectacular, large and luminescent. Take time to look at them and try to find an opportunity to see them reflected in water.

From the new moon onward to the full moon is time to start setting your new goals.

These time frame for these goals can be:

  • The period up to the next Full Moon
  • The season approaching
  • The period between Summer & Winter Equinoxes or Spring & Autumn
  • The full year

As the moon waxes and wanes, you will be able to observe the renewal as with the seasons of the year.

Meditating on the seasons and nature helps us to realise and find faith in the inner knowledge that whatever happens is a natural progression. Take a moment to look at the decomposition of plants in their winter season and then see new life unfurl in the spring, coming to fruition in summer and withering away again in autumn in an eternal cycle and know that man cannot change the process.

“Winter has its own secret joy, for it hold spring in its heart”

“Never cling to that which must pass, but always look forward:

Be interested in the trend of events and follow with hope and courage wherever the stream of life leads.”

So too look at the seasons of our lives. Steiner and many others from esoteric backgrounds look at the 7 year cycles.

The First cycle is the period of the Moon.

Ages 1 -7

The Moon draws together the Etheric body as the physical body is developing rapidly. The child not only draws together and absorbs nutrients to grow the body; he/she is absorbing information from parents and school. The parents provide a nurturing environment which nourishes the soul of the child. Unfortunately, if this is not so, then it is considered as Karma, – where the child has chosen to go through this suffering in order to transcend later.

This cycle of development can also be related to the Chakras and for this age group; it is related to the base Chakra which is located at the base of the spine. This is about life energy and trust. It is our relationship to the Earth, to our family or tribe and material possessions. Its positive attributes are stability and the power to achieve.

  • The colour is red.
  • The Element is Earth
  • The basic principle is the physical will to “be”.
  • The sensory function is smell.
  • The astrological connections are  :- Aries /Mars, Taurus & Scorpio/Pluto, Capricorn/Saturn
  • The gemstones are: – bloodstone, garnet, red coral & ruby.
  • The parts of the body are: – everything solid like bones, spine, teeth and the blood, cell multiplication and intestines, anus and prostate.
  • Glands affected are the suprarenal glands and the Hormones are Adrenalin & noradrenalin.
  • The music is strongly rhythmic (tribal)
  • The aspects of nature associated with this chakra are the beginning and ending of each day (dawn and sunset), the fresh soil.
  • The Aroma is Cedar and Clove.

Within this first life cycle each of the seven years follows the Chakras.

Age 2 – 2nd Chakra



Age 3 – 3rd Chakra


Unfolding the personality

Age 4 – 4th Chakra



Age 5 -5th Chakra


Self expression

Age 6 – 6th Chakra


Projection of the will

Age 7 7th Chakra



Polarity Therapy

What is Cerebro Spinal Fluid?
Cerebro Spinal fluid is found in the ventricles of the brain and is propelled in a rhythmical way throughout the body. It bathes the brain and the spinal cord. This fluid contains prana or life breath, which flows to the tissues and cells throughout the body. It has its own rhythm, but at rest may synchronize with the pulmonary rhythm.
Dr Stone formulated the theory that it is the CSF that brings the energy of though, emotion and soul down from the brain into the cells of the physical body. Science today is just catching up with the concept of cellular memories.
He wrote in Book 3

” The cerebrospinal fluid seems to act as a storage field and a conveyor for the ultrasonic and the light energies. It bathes the spinal cord and is a reservoir for these finer essences, conducted by this fluidic media through all the fine nerve fibres as the first airy mind and life principle in the human body. Through this neuter essence, mind functions in and through matter as the light of intelligence. That is why it is the ruler of this fine energy in the fields of function. Mind energy is a reality, as much as and even more potent than atomic energy. A mental block is often a very serious matter.”

The CSF flows according to water principles. When this is moved in a gentle and non invasive manner, then tension can be alleviated more rapidly and effectively than spinal adjustments.
Once the tension is released from the tissues, then the energy can freely flow throughout the body. Bad postural habits can inhibit this flow of energy, as can lesions in the organs or joints.
Dr Stone found that the CSF was a pranic flow or electromagnetic current which circulated from the head to the feet and returned to circulate from head to hands. By gentle application of touch, such as imperceptibly rocking the cranial bones or along the vertebral column, the CSF could be balanced from head to toe.

Easter holidays

Don’t you just love it when you think you have written something awesome and hit the wrong button and it disappears into the ether? Lesson in humility and backing up your work!

Home is a hive of industry today after months of just getting by. Amazing what having down time and a “healing crisis” does to your perception of what is OK. Perhaps it was the Easter/Equinox energy that spurred me from inaction to action. Mind you, it’s not just me being active, I have the luxury of having 2 ladies to clean the house and the carpets are being steam cleaned too. I am sorting out wardrobes and culling the clothes that haven’t been worn for a long time, finding dresses & suits from the 1980’s still in my collection. Practically antique! Time to move on…

Easter week was challenging in many ways. Old friendships revisited, a bit of travel and some chocolate! We made the annual trip to Redcastle and enjoyed Pete’s hospitality. The block has taken on a green tinge and one of the billabongs has a little water in it and there is a small puddle in the creek on the boundary. We discovered that the bees in the “bee tree” were no more. Although allergic to bee stings, they have never bothered me, but have made their presence felt by stinging others over the years. One labyrinth has started to go green, which was the intention when I built up the dirt walls, so no excavation this year and it was left to see what else would eventuate. Right in the centre was a small purple flower, and no, it wasn’t Salvation Jane or Patterson’s curse. I walked the labyrinths at sunrise, taking video and will find a way to post them here at some stage.

This year we explored the surrounding district and ventured into the Heathcote – Greytown National Park. We caught the Easter Parade at Rushworth on Saturday, which was lots of fun and I explored the crystal shop in the main street. A leisurely lunch and then off to see Whroo and surrounding forest. Returning to the block, we lit the camp fire in preparation for a roast dinner done in the camp oven, which we shared with friends. A large stump was put on the fire and we had a great time sitting and discussing life in general. A moonlight walk to the junction and back finished off a relaxing evening.
An exchange of chocolate on Sunday morning and then more exploration, this time heading off to Greytown and surrounds.